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Journal, Day 25 September 29, 2006: Boston, MA / Major Jackson O Boston! My Boston! such a historic, literary town, where if you attend any of the open mics or featured readings, you’ll likely not be served a standard dish of [...] by

Journal, Day 24 September 28, 2006: Somerville, MA / Major Jackson Thursday morning and I Get on the Bus; actually I get on tomorrow, but I join up tonight with the traveling band of bards at the Burren Irish Pub in Somerville. I [...] by

Journal, Day 23 September 27, 2006: Northampton, MA / Kate Hall We arrived at Smith College in Northampton at 5:30 yesterday. It was such a long drive from Montreal and, because we were running late, there weren’t very many rest [...] by

Journal, Day 22 September 26, 2006: Montreal, Canada, en route to Northampton, MA / Kate Hall We read last night at The Green Room, a bar in Montreal in the Mile End District. The reading was well attended. It amazes me that everyone [...] by

Journal, Day 21 September 25, 2006: Montreal, Canada / Kate Hall This morning I woke up and started thinking about time. Time passes really strangely when you are traveling this quickly. It seems so long ago that I arrived in Toronto [...] by

Journal, Day 19 September 22, 2006: Buffalo, NY / Anthony McCann This is for Matthias and everyone who has slept or napped or both on the bus so far. Goodnight Catherine. Goodnight Jeff. Godnight Melanie. Goodnight Katy. Goodnight [...] by

Journal, Day 18 September 21, 2006: Pittsburgh, PA, Lewisburg, PA / Anthony McCann Last night in Pittsburgh we were at the Gist Street reading series, which is my favorite place in the world to read, along with Machine Project in LA. [...] by

Journal, Day 17 September 20, 2006: Ann Arbor, MI en route to Pittsburgh, PA / Anthony McCann Driving through Ohio, from Ann Arbor to Pittsburgh. Spasms of starlings freeze in patterns of fuzzy static over the yellow fields. I remember [...] by

Journal, Day 16 September 19, 2006: Ann Arbor, MI / Anthony McCann THINGS I FIND IN MY POCKETS Two Doctor Fresh Travel Toothbrushes, markedly unfresh Sad tobacco strands One dollar and forty seven cents in change But no pens. How could [...] by

Journal, Day 15 September 18, 2006: The Poetry Farm in Orfordville, WI; Chicago, IL; en route to Milwaukee, WI / Cathy Wagner We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at the Poetry Farm in Orfordville, Wisconsin. I am not sure [...] by