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It’s Easter? Cue the strings, pass the Kleenex and fetch my pen. April 24, 2011: I’m an insanely musical person, with an astounding memory for songs no one in their right mind should retain. Yep, I’ve got a clutch on the standards, from Gene Pitney to Wilson Pickett, [...] by

Common chaos, common ground. The chair, and the ass that’s in it. April 19, 2011: Oooh. Rigoberto said “Prolific output is my weakness.” I love, love, love the way that sounds and intend to adopt it as my motto for the upcoming year. I also am addicted to the concept [...] by

And now, I’m pleased to not introduce…. April 18, 2011: Jeffrey, that was a wonderful intro for D.A. I wish I could have been there. And I’m going to try to tell you the short but riveting tale of someone who I was assigned to introduce but [...] by

I’m a poet. I need my mouth. April 10, 2011: I’ve been faced with many, many searing questions during the course of my lifetime, beginning with that pesky poser that kept me up nights as a toddler: What would REALLY happen if those string [...] by

I have been summoned. I enthusiastically respond. April 4, 2011: HARRIET! Good to see you again, girlfriend. You bring us together. You re-introduce us to our particular music. I’ve missed and craved you so. If only that sweet-assed Amber T wasn’t such a [...] by

SlamSlamSlamSlamSlamSlam! So there! April 3, 2011: Why isn’t anyone talking about the poetry slam? Out loud? Especially now? Most poets are, would like to be, or consider themselves in the canon’s “official clutches”—the world of poetry [...] by

Disasters in Collaboration, or…. April 18, 2010: The Poet Agrees to Let the World-Famous Director Put Her On Stage and Turn Her Poems Into Thee-A-Tuh–A TRUE STORY! Squirming in his empty seat, the director guffaws at a totally inappropriate [...] by

How to Have a REALLY Interesting Life….(and write about it, too!) April 14, 2010: I’m feeling irreverent. Thinking back on my favorite moments at AWP (pronounced “awp”)–David Mura’s “Republic of Poetry” panel, during which I think I actually saw flame shoot from [...] by

Bull bits. April 8, 2010: Ah, Kwame. I’ve missed your straight-arrow succinctness, your keen eye, your unflinching aim. You never fail to immediately engage me. And I’m intrigued by the idea you’ve introduced. However, [...] by

Ticked off enough to make an appearance… November 6, 2007: Does Dana Gioia matter? Obviously more than we know… An alert Cave Canem alum spotted this in the big man’s bio– “An influential critic as well, Gioia’s 1991 book [...] by