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Where poems come from. September 12, 2007: Look at these faces. These six people allegedly held a West Virginia black woman captive for an entire week, choking, raping and stabbing her while forcefeeding her feces and peppering her with the [...] by

You didn’t hear it from me… September 6, 2007: …but there’s a little wisp of a rumor that somewhere, someday, you may be able to get up close and personal with the bloggers of Harriet. Not only will you be able to gaze upon our actual [...] by

And pleasant dreams. September 2, 2007: Rigoberto’s got me thinking about poetry and music, and I’ve been thinking about my favorite singers, who always seem to be poets at heart. So 1 a.m. on Sunday morning is the perfect time [...] by

Poet as Platypus. September 1, 2007: Like many other folks, I need a cap to my summer–a day or seminal event that bellows this is it, the dog days are officially over. This year, I actually had–if indeed this is [...] by

Poetry, the Conqueror of Pimples and All Prepubescent Profundities! August 22, 2007: Suddenly, the air is charged. My 12-year-old is banging around the apartment, trying on first-day-at-school outfits, cooing at her image when the ensembles work and screaming like a banshee when they [...] by

It’s 1:31 a.m…. August 11, 2007: …and I’m exhausted. But I’m sitting in front of my laptop, bleary-eyed, listening to a muted Lightnin’ Hopkins and staring at the 17th line of a poem that I’ve been [...] by

What I did over (the last week of) summer vacation… August 9, 2007: Certainly couldn’t afford to, but this past week I decided to reread the poetry books I keep rereading. Trying to think of why I keep coming back to these volumes, I realized that I was [...] by

I’m certainly not proud of the fact… August 4, 2007: ….that approximately 13 seconds after Charles Simic was named poet laureate, I went alookin’ for him on YouTube. And I discovered that he is the only person with a heartbeat who [...] by

Kudos to the culprit. July 31, 2007: I I don’t know when this video was filmed, although it looks to be about 10 years ago. What I do know: this is Marc Smith, inventor of the poetry slam, devil or angel, miracle worker or madman, [...] by

dead poets. July 31, 2007: I try not to think about dying much. Whenever I do, naive as it may be, I dismiss it as something that happens to other people, usually in very spectacular ways. A longago plague sweeps through [...] by