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I miss the Temptations. July 25, 2007: Recently reflecting rather gleefully on the second half of my first century, I felt exactly one twinge of regret. The Motown era is over. Of course, it’s been over for some time. Diana Ross is [...] by

I’m working really hard. Really. I am. Really. July 20, 2007: I am sitting in the living room of one Mr. Garland Thompson Jr., who at the moment s a very, very busy man. He is a one-man whirling dervish, a battery-operated bulldozer, a little-bleary eyed at the [...] by

Ashes to ashes… July 20, 2007: I know that many of us submit our work to contests. I know for a fact that at least two Harrieteers, Ange and myself, have sent manuscripts to the annual National Poetry Series competition, and were [...] by

Whew. It’s over. July 15, 2007: Finished with 3rd MFA residency. Incredibly tired. Just back from lobster bake thingie where no lobsters were visibly baked. Ten days in creative nirvana. Maine cooperated, kinda (rain). Shunned TV [...] by

If this is Tuesday, what hat am I wearing? July 9, 2007: Whew. Last week, I was on the faculty of one of the most challenging, groundbreaking creative retreats in the country, surrounded by students whose work was so good it made me shudder. This week, [...] by

Cave Canem 2007 July 5, 2007: by

What Robert Frost Can Teach Performance Poets July 3, 2007: Please. Please. No more. I can’t take another earthy diva bellowing an ode to her ample hips. No mores slithery temptresses urging loverboys to traverse the landscape of their bodies. Let’s do [...] by

Listen. June 30, 2007: You may have noticed that my voice has been strangely silent, that I haven’t been whispering anything at all into Harriet’s ear. That’s because for the last week, I’ve been [...] by

Oh, HELL yeah… June 22, 2007: In a review of my book “Teahouse of the Almighty” in the Summer/Fall 2007 issue of Gulf Coast, in the best review I’ve ever received of anything I’ve ever written, in a [...] by

Does it come with a set of Ginzu knives…? June 20, 2007: Everybody’s sayin’ it: “PhDs are the new MFAs.” Say it ain’t so. I’m out of money. Anybody out there got a PhD in creative writing? Why? Is it sexier? Do you get [...] by