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Eleven Fables in Projection May 13, 2014: [Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Rodrigo Toscano’s “At a Bus Stop in El Barrio” appears in the May 2014 issue. Previous posts in this [...] by

Avant Mariachis Occupy The Page April 26, 2012: What do I say to the Norwegians (my hosts) this coming week? They want to know about American poetics (specifically of the Avant Garde variety) as it relates to “Occupy.” I didn’t quite promise [...] by

Transmogrify Occupy April 23, 2012: In terms of form, the fundamental difference between Occupy and a one-day protest (even if massive) has to do with the duration of Stay Power. Stay Power created forms of stay, which in turn created [...] by

Towards a Poetics of Shoplifting April 20, 2012: First, what is the “criminal act” so feared, the prospective deed that has reduced your overall range of joyousness to a ball of quivering nerves? Let us be clear as day about this. The crime [...] by

Preview to a 99 Percent Poetics April 18, 2012: Immediately—no sooner than I start typing this, does “class” (as we say) “enter into it.” But what is “it?” The configuration and flow of social life—is one way to phrase it. But [...] by

Poetic Dreamers (Half Awake, Half Asleep) April 13, 2012: “Lucid dreaming”—a dream state where one is aware that one is dreaming. Person might try to “influence” the “outcome” of such dreaming, scenarios fashioned into desired results by [...] by

Folks Talking Easy-Breezy About The Post-Literary Epoch April 11, 2012: “See you at the recycle bins.” * “By the dumpsters—see you there.” * “Hey, I was at the bins—where the hell were you?” * “Dumpsters? Um, I totally prefer bins.” * “Cop in a [...] by

¡ONLY TWO TYPES OF POETRY! April 6, 2012: Poetry these days, whether viewed in print or listened to at readings, falls into just two basic categories. They are: come-to-me poetry and go-to-you poetry. This is not a reductive [...] by

MAY BE! Chorus for Inquisitive Occupiers April 4, 2012: Does Occupy exceed Occupy as an Occupation? Does Occupy need Occupy to Occupy? Can Occupy Occupy without Occupy? Does Occupy need to get De-Occupied to Re-Occupy? Will De-Occupy need to get [...] by

Futurism and the New Manifesto Reading: MOMA, February 20, 2009 March 9, 2009: a decantering of steely ghosts, and pulse-check at the heel of a dying elephant 11:00 am Klammer in hand, hazpashing the music skrand, thuda-reatening to crip apart a Miró on the sfwall (the sfwall [...] by