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Avant-Garde and Modern, Part Three June 17, 2008: I’d like to thank everyone who has commented on “Avant-Garde and Modern, Part Two.” This piece began as a response to Brent Cunningham, those scruples and whose comments are both [...] by

Avant-Garde and Modern, Part Two June 12, 2008: From the haze of fever, fatigue, and nausea emerge further thoughts on the title topic. I hope that they will prove to be of interest. If not, I’ve got more up my sleeve… The poetic [...] by

Avant-Garde and Modern, Part One June 10, 2008: I am back from the dead if not yet from the walking wounded (fever and fatiuge, nausea and vomiting, hot sweats and cold chills), and am posting a piece on which I’ve been working for a while. [...] by

Tiene Dolor? May 25, 2008: Pain is my constant companion. This has largely been the case for over a year, with all my emergency room visits, operations, and hospital stays. But since my abdominal perforation and the month-long [...] by

Long Hard Road Out of Hell May 21, 2008: As some of you know from Emily Warn’s recent post, my recent extended absence from Harriet has been due to severe illness and a long hospital stay. I hope to begin blogging regularly soon. The [...] by

Who Can I Be Now? April 13, 2008: In the interstices of being horribly sick (this was another chemotherapy week, with the usual panoply of crushing exhaustion, constant diarrhea, intermittent attacks of abdominal pain, continual [...] by

Online Intimacies April 7, 2008: I’m sure this isn’t a novel observation, but I am often struck by how differently people interact online and in person. Though people are capable of both shocking cruelty and viciousness and [...] by

Good News From My World April 2, 2008: Now that it’s official, I can finally tell the world that I have, on my fifteenth try (yes, I’ve been applying since 1993), been awarded a 2008 Guggenheim Foundation fellowship. While I [...] by

Avant-Garde Technophilia April 1, 2008: Once more illness has kept me away from the blog for a while, this time due to surgery to kill the tumors on my liver. The surgery was successful, or so I’m told, but I ended up in the hospital [...] by

Read This and Tell Me What It Says March 24, 2008: Once again illness has kept me away from blogging for a bit. I had surgery on Friday on the tumors on my liver, which the surgeon believes he has gotten (yay!), but I had to go the emergency room on [...] by