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On the Intentional Fallacy March 19, 2008: Many of the comments in response to my most recent post revolved around the question of authorial intention and its importance or even relevance to the reading and interpretation of a work of verbal [...] by

Art, History, Politics: A Short Note March 14, 2008: Ironically enough, given the topic of my last post, I have been sidelined from this blog for a while because I’ve been painfully sick wth what my oncologist thinks (but doesn’t know) are [...] by

Illness and Poetry March 8, 2008: My friend the poet and critic Christopher Hennessy, who maintains a fascinating blog on the multiple relationships between identity (particularly gay identity) and creativity at Outside the Lines, [...] by

White Dopes on Punk: An Analogy* March 4, 2008: The dichotomy people in the literary world frequently make between mainstream and experimental poetry, conservative and “progressive”? poetry, is very similar in form and tone (the attribution of [...] by

This Is Just to Say March 1, 2008: I have posted a revised and much longer version of my Harriet post on “post-avant-garde” poetry, now titled “Defining Post-Avant-Garde Poetry,” on my own blog, to be found [...] by

All Night, He Was a New American, Part Three February 28, 2008: That many of the New American Poets were gay (Ashbery, Robin Blaser, James Broughton, Duncan, Edward Field, Ginsberg, O’Hara, Peter Orlovsky, James Schuyler, Spicer, Wieners, Jonathan Williams) is [...] by

All Night, He Was a New American, Part Two February 25, 2008: This is the second of three posts devoted to the seminal Donald M. Allen anthology The New American Poetry. This post deals with the question of the “New American Poets”‘s political [...] by

All Night, He Was a New American, Part One February 22, 2008: It’s taken me a while to post this piece, as I’ve been beset by chemotherapy side effects of my colon cancer treatment, especially a debilitating bout of chemo fatigue, and a nasty cold [...] by

My new New Year’s Resolutions February 17, 2008: I have almost never made a new year’s resolution, but online events of the past month (I think we all know what I’m referring to) have prompted me, belatedly, to make some for this year, [...] by

My New Anthology February 14, 2008: My new new book (after my recent essay collection, Orpheus in the Bronx), Lyric Postmodernisms: An Anthology of Contemporary Innovative Poetries, is just out from the new and small but quite [...] by