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Assistant Tragedies continued (part 2 of 2) April 29, 2014: I’ve thought often about the value I find in poems that elicit panic in me when I read them (Pleiades, “Poems and Panic”). And, related to that, is the panic of a new idea that presses me [...] by

Assistant Tragedies (part 1 of 2) April 28, 2014: I look back through my notebook, stare at the screen of my laptop, and skim through the poetry books that are my current talismans. Nothing helps. I’ve let more than a week pass. Be honest: more [...] by

a closed parenthesis, and what it opens in us April 7, 2014: I’m in the Cincinnati, away from the SF bay area for a week, and I just learned about Colleen Lookingbill’s death from many friends’ emails, from Facebook posts, and from Kevin Killian’s [...] by

Dazzle April 2, 2014: This morning began in a hazed, white ambivalence suffusing all the space between my eyes and my I. Few thoughts, but many dots of motion, interventions of narrative, insects missing their wings; [...] by