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Austen, Marvin, Homeopathy, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E August 12, 2009: On my way to work this morn listening to local NPR interviewing the woman who wrote this book called Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (and maybe now its sequel). She was rattling on in a very [...] by

Sagacity is Bloggody August 10, 2009: I suppose all possible puns/infusions/scrap-heaping has already been done with the word “blog” but I still find it amusing to try to work it into every post. This one is totally [...] by

A Few of the Great Ideas I’ve Had August 4, 2009: 1) I got the alphabet tattooed around my right ankle in 1990. This is just one of those things that, once seen, seems so inevitable, or obvious, it’s like “why aren’t there hundreds [...] by

Freak Flag July 31, 2009: I was a little big hungover this morning after a wonderfully friendly reading in Williamsburg last night, after which I reconvened with some batshit crazy friend of mind from high school who I [...] by

On my way to work today July 29, 2009: I saw a dead cat on the side of the road and it reminded me of my intention to write about Jennifer Moxley‘s new book, Clampdown. Actually first it reminded me of the book itself, and then it [...] by

Poet Writes Novel July 28, 2009: This morning I’ve set about finishing my novel for the dozenth time. It keeps being finished and then adjustments need to be made, and I make them, and then it goes out into the world again for [...] by

Getting Meta July 23, 2009: Here let this image of my new gray kitten, Myshka (“little mouse”) stand eternally (and here let the internet stand for eternity) in for my realization that I am not suited for blogging. [...] by

Transparency July 17, 2009: Did you all catch the Colbert Rapport last night? Or the rerun tonight. I do rely on Colbert to voice my inner rantings, and he did beautifully slicing and dicing and ripping-the-mask-off of and [...] by

Dirk Does Dallas July 16, 2009: Have you yet read Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip? I haven’t, fully, due to the previously mentioned feelings of deep inadequacy my first foray brought up. I picked it up and read [...] by

This is about Jane Austen July 14, 2009: I thought I’d share some mature thoughts on Lisa Robertson’s magic powers but instead I’m thinking about Jane Austen. She’s really come down in the world. My parents were [...] by