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Time for some other answers April 27, 2011: My thanks to Erika Meitner, Jennifer Militello, Laurel Snyder, Lisa Olstein, Arielle Greenberg and Mark Bibbins for weighing in on the timely v. timeless question: Erika Meitner Timely!  Timely! But [...] by

Of the Time, Out of Time April 26, 2011: Last Saturday I read at the first (annual?) Westchester Poetry Festival at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I read with Victoria Bond, Jo Ann Clark, Brenda Conner-Bey, Lynne Francis, Jacqueline [...] by

Time, for DA Powell April 19, 2011: DA Powell: Every sentence written in English contains some anxiety about time. I’d love to write a poem that was Time-Free. Is that possible? ME: Why? Is this particular to English? DA: I [...] by

Time, for Patricia Smith April 18, 2011: I asked my timely versus timeless question and the wonderful, generous, talented Patricia Smith wrote back. “Timelessness is woefully overrated. Timeless poems should be appropriately noted, [...] by

There are times April 11, 2011: when I fear there is no new way to describe how I feel about my children. There are occasions, such a this morning, when my youngest son recited the first poem he’d memorized to me that I felt—I [...] by

Timely 3: What I learn(ed) from Matt Rohrer April 6, 2011: When I emailed a bunch of poets asking them to respond to my timely/timeless question Matt Rohrer was the first to respond. He wrote: “Well I guess I wish they could be both. Is that possible? [...] by

Time 2 April 5, 2011: Kathleen, I liked your post! And I agree the timely/timeless question is a bit of a false dichotomy. And, yes, most people I’ve asked are saying some version of “both.” Still, I think the [...] by

Time for poetry: poetry and time April 1, 2011: When asked to blog this month, I went back to see what I’d been blogging about last year and in previous years. I was perturbed, at first, to find that my concerns of previous posts—what can [...] by

Oh, Kwame Dawes, I was Just Thinking About You April 30, 2010: One of my students talked about you in class on Wednesday. A white girl at a fancy university claimed you as a poetic ancestor. Spoke eloquently of her affection for your poems and your energy and [...] by

Arcoholic in the house April 26, 2010: Hey Daisy, thanks your smart and thoughtful post. And for your other smart and thoughtful posts. I’m so pleased to be able to disagree or at least to announce a different tendency. I like [...] by