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on finding one’s alter ego and on running out of time April 30, 2012: So this morning I promised that my last post here would say something about Marisa Crawford’s rather amazing book The Haunted House, which I picked up a few months ago (it came out in 2008) and [...] by

it’s not easy being news April 30, 2012: So I had all this material, or so I thought, saved up for my penultimate post—it was going to be about Marisa Crawford’s amazing, scary, sexy book The Haunted House, which I fell hard for [...] by

on villanelles, or, many happy returns April 26, 2012: More than ten years ago the poet and scholar Julie Kane made a discovery. The villanelle, that creative-writing-class staple, usually introduced as a traditional form like the sonnet or sestina, an [...] by

on spontaneity April 23, 2012: I’ve started tweeting regularly now (@accommodatingly), in part because it’s a way to stay connected to the rest of the world through my phone, without getting caught up in unfinished [...] by

All the fun’s in how you say a thing April 20, 2012: Craig Dworkin’s new book of super-short poems is terrific, likely to land on my list of top fifteen, though maybe not top five, books of poems this year: they’re minimal, one- and [...] by

Hi, Howard, I’m back April 16, 2012: Frankly, Jessie and I don’t get out that much this year. We did, however, manage to see a reunion of the terrific indiepop and indie-rock bands Honeybunch and Small Factory on Saturday night in [...] by

names against the land April 11, 2012: Thursday I flew into, and yesterday I flew out of, the Washington, D.C. transit hub formerly known as Washington National Airport, now designated by act of Congress as Ronald Reagan Washington [...] by

Once More into the Steel Cage April 5, 2012: On Monday Kathleen Rooney shared a remarkable exercise for students, or really for anyone, in creative writing or in any other class where poems get interpreted, appreciated, evaluated, analyzed and [...] by

National Poetry Month cancelled April 2, 2012: [Editor’s Note: Note the date: This was an April Fool’s joke. National Poetry Month is alive and well. Visit the Academy of American Poets for details.] CHICAGO, APRIL 1—April 2012 will [...] by

Pandora’s gift (2) April 30, 2011: I think I remember accurately the last time I bought, or otherwise sought out, a book of brand new poetry based on a critic’s printed poetry criticism (not a chat or a live event, but something [...] by