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Pandora’s gift (1) April 30, 2011: Is our conversation ending? The month’s up, so, yes. A few quick replies and then one big slice of self-doubt, warily resolved, in the end, with the aid of frustrating software. Jeffrey: speed [...] by

when you’ve got trouble April 29, 2011: I’ve just come back from seeing the singer-songwriter Liz Longley, for the second time this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if you, too, found yourself hearing her in a public place, and [...] by

speed chess April 27, 2011: I never saw the film Searching for Bobby Fischer, but twenty years ago I read the book (I had an unhealthy interest in the fate of supposed boy geniuses, at the time) and it made an impression; in [...] by

Bishop revisited April 26, 2011: When that big collection of Bishop’s drafts and scraps came out five years ago, I was unfavorably disposed towards it, though not as unfavorably as some: I didn’t like the omnium-gatherum [...] by

Cooper writes a poem April 25, 2011: WHY I AM NOT A TODDLER By Cooper Bennett Burt I am not a toddler, I am a baby. Why? I think I would rather be a toddler, but I am not. Well, for instance, Nathan is starting a drawing. I drop in. [...] by

it’s too much April 22, 2011: I’m sorry. I just can’t do it. I don’t have the energy. Maybe I never did. Every week, every day, I get email and Facebook notices and for that matter word of mouth about the latest [...] by

don’t call it classical April 14, 2011: Ahem. My literary-life motto for this year is “slightly less writing and much more reading,” and so I almost said no to this return-to-blogging — but having now seen Anselm’s [...] by

cooper cento April 22, 2010: I’m new, said the amber moon at the bottom of the mist funnel, brightening and paling. I don’t think you’ll find my card there. Open your mouth– Breathe– A crater big [...] by

baby radio April 19, 2010: Our new baby is Cooper Robert Bennett Burt, born on Tuesday, long-fingered, and full of smiles (even when asleep, which is most of the time, so far). He is of course worth a thousand AWP’s, and [...] by

the litmag whirl June 2, 2009: It is a lucky thing, but also a bit of a melancholy thing, to write about contemporary poetry as I do, as often as I do: having written about living poets– sometimes at length, and sometimes [...] by