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ISOLATION PIECE April 28, 2017: —for Joan Retallack, a draft that never ends Nothing I say will be untouched, original, pristine, new, transcendent. Everything I do is stolen, corrupt, distorted, contaminated, perverse, reified. [...] by

Hey, erica kaufman! (Part II) May 2, 2014: Continued from Part 1. for erica The thoughts of my text don’t mirror literary criticism, are shapes of writing, are their present.—Leslie Scalapino Of all divides (rich/poor, literate/not, [...] by

Hey, erica kaufman! (Part I) May 1, 2014: I suggest reading and re-reading Kevin Killian’s posts here on Harriet (which led me to think about an old post of Alli Warren’s, “On Failure” Instead of lack, why not write about [...] by

Flibbertigibbet in a White Room / Competencies April 16, 2014: I remember things I never forgot. To spend an afternoon returning to the site of some wrong committed only in my imagination against an unnamed person, a vaporous friend, is a bore and no kind of [...] by

Sorry I’m Late / Compared to What? April 14, 2014: I read with interest George Quasha’s recent post “Self-evidence with Difficulty,” drawn especially to these sentences: Duncan used to say that he and Charles Olson had made work that insisted [...] by