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Thanks Harriet & Hello Future April 1, 2011: I want to say thanks to Harriet for inviting me back. I’ve missed the ongoing discussion over here. It’s true, the blog has carried on, and I do find myself coming back to it once a week [...] by

A few words and poems: Mairead Byrne April 30, 2010: SUMMER HOURS At sundown men in loose powder-blue overalls come in a white city truck and unfurl tarps stashed between the bars of the wrought-iron fence and nudge them up and out over the park [...] by

The expat life April 23, 2010: Ange Mlinko and Marin Earl’s posts on the experience of the expat poet resonate somewhat for me. I do remember a little “saudade,” yes, more upon leaving the west coast, than my [...] by

Flarf is a one-trick pony that thinks a unicorn is another kind of horse April 20, 2010: Thanks to Vanessa Place for the following. Given that a few days ago we had the response to this piece offered recently at AWP here on Harriet, it seems important to post the original text for your [...] by

What is more natural: thinking space and poetry April 14, 2010: Red Visual Blue is the more difficult color, made of mineral blood and fades fast. The right hue is hard to settle, of blue. Fragments shift and delineate, light roams shards, coalesce to fold of [...] by

Difficult being what you have not yet encountered April 13, 2010: I am with Gillian, what is with the hate-on for Language Poetry? The hate on for what is perhaps difficult? I’m reading a lot of tongue in cheek here, I hope: I detest those inscrutable little [...] by

Margaret Christakos: Latches, Hyphens & Dashes Oh My April 8, 2010: Margaret Christakos is one of those poets who seems engaged with and writing for the next generation, even though she is in fact using tools and tactics very much of the moment. In her second last [...] by

On writing about writing: 32 poet/critics respond April 6, 2010: Thanks for bringing up the review question again, Craig. I have been drafting and deleting responses to all this for weeks now. My instinct is to let the reviews stand on their own–each voice [...] by

Joy is to feminism as language is to Exhuastive? April 2, 2010: One in a series of brief conversations followed by a poem from a few of poets you might not have heard of yet, starting with Susan Holbrook. SQ: Susan, Joy Is So Exhausting is an exhaustive [...] by

The lost poems, or the space of blogging March 30, 2010: Where do you find the time? That’s the question most often asked of me when the subject of blogging comes up. Particularly over the past three months of posting on Harriet, keeping up my own [...] by