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After Ekphrasis March 27, 2010: A found dish. Shallow and sweet. A little around the edges. A lacking in the middle. Several lines converging where all begins. A dark beginning, a convergence. Something yearning for fin. Something [...] by

Suspension, evasion, and inversion: a conversation with Ken Babstock March 23, 2010: SQ: Ken, when you read in Montreal in the fall I found myself wanting to close my eyes and be carried away by the sound of the poems. This doesn’t happen often enough in poetry readings—for [...] by

More Lives of Poets March 20, 2010: So, the lives of the poets. Or, the non-academic poets. I have known so many variations over the years. The organic farmer poet, the poet who compiles on scraps of paper and carries their poems in [...] by

All sides now: a correspondence with Lisa Robertson March 18, 2010: I've always been completely seduced by sentences, certainly. I think I'm a sentence-lover before I'm a writer. Much of my earlier work has been testing the internal structure of sentences as wildly [...] by

On the matter of career March 16, 2010: Poetry as career is always a contentious subject. My rather light-hearted attempts to open up the discussion this week make it seem as though I have a light-hearted approach, which couldn’t be [...] by

Who or what is a poet critic and why is the academy so up in Poetry’s face? March 13, 2010: What is a poet critic? Can a poet be “successful” outside of the academy? If not, why? Who, or what, is upholding the system that creates (or maintains) a hierarchy in the poetry [...] by

To Sonnet, to Son-net, Tuscon Net March 9, 2010: Recently Geist Magazine, one of the great Canadian magazines, announced a contest for the best “Jackpine Sonnet.” The Jackpine sonnet was named by Canadian poet Milton Acorn. It’s a [...] by

Poetry podcasts, online resources, oh and introducing Canada a wee bit more March 6, 2010: There may not be much poetry to read on my iPod, but there is a lot of poetry to listen to. So, if you’re a gym rat, you can take a variety of poetic journeys ranging from recorded readings, to [...] by

Of Grief & Poetry March 2, 2010: There is a lot of grief in your poetry someone said after my reading in Victoria last week. I have been reflecting on this, more so since upon arrival in Vancouver the following day I was met with [...] by

Poetries, languages and selves, the being of Erin Moure February 23, 2010: Based in Montreal, Erin Mouré is one of Canada’s most eminent poets and translators. Of her work Laura Mullen says, “Erín Moure’s new book is so brave, has so much truly lively wit, and [...] by