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Torching Authenticities April 26, 2016: Tonya Foster takes on the question of form itself in “Touching Authenticities” by deconstructing the essay, which strikes me as a necessary gesture given that she is tending to the question of [...] by

Continued… October 19, 2009: …if we change the words, do we change the thing/s? PERSON: email to a friend: Century of the Self: charting development of the kind of radical individualism in which freedom of the individual is [...] by

ADFEMPO Repo 1 October 6, 2009: Okay, back after much silence and some sickness. After the wonderful Adfempo Conference. After the settling in of a new roommate. After joy and wanting. (okay, not sure what that’s about but there [...] by

ADFEMPO: Advancing Feminist Poetics & Activism September 25, 2009: Am just back from the first day of the Belladonna ADFEMPO conference at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The opening plenary got off to a late but energizing start. (It [...] by

Ramadan Rosh Hashana New Moon 1 September 19, 2009: A word’s an act, and no one can recover it. Sometimes the thing we name suddenly becomes…what? A being, almost human, that the very calling kills” from Heather McHugh’s “The Magician” in [...] by

New Moon August 30, 2009: New Moon So where do I begin? Particularly when rage makes direction difficult. Particularly when grief dislocates, is about extended dislocations. I was invited to participate as a Harriet blogger [...] by