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The National Mall, Washington, D.C. January 21, 2013: Who: Richard Blanco What: President Obama’s Second Inauguration When: January 21st, 2013 Where: The National Mall, Washington, D.C. *** “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Inaugural [...] by

Tomas Tranströmer wins Nobel Prize October 6, 2011: The 80-year-old Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer has won the 2011 Nobel Prize in literature, surprising, as always, the prognosticators. From the NYT: Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish [...] by

“The only thing I’d really like to be.” January 28, 2010: Comin thro’ the rye, poor body,   Comin thro’ the rye, She draigl’t a’ her petticoatie   Comin thro’ the rye. Oh Jenny ‘s a’ weet poor [...] by

Can “Experimental” Poetry Save the Earth? December 2, 2009: In his essay “Vermin: a Notebook”, the Australian poet John Kinsella writes that without acts of resistance, “the environment has no chance.” This seems obvious enough. The [...] by

Nocturne at High Noon. And the National Book Award Goes to . . . November 19, 2009: From a list of the most interesting list of of finalists ever (so says Ron Silliman), the National Book Award judges picked Keith Waldrop’s Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy (UC Press) as this [...] by

Fall and All October 1, 2009: Fall is here, which means ponderous Hollywood movies, funky potpourri, [W]ild [T]urkey, and of course, new bloggers on Harriet! Today, we say our goodbyes to Joel Brouwer, Rebecca Wolff, and Eileen [...] by

Poetry Reading September 23, 2009: Molly Young and David Noriega read Michael Gizzi’s New Depths of Deadpan. by

Jim Carroll, R.I.P. September 15, 2009: Jim Carroll—poet, novelist, musician, diarist, impresario—died on Friday at his home in Manhattan. He was 60 years old. The tributes and reminisces have come in from various sources–from [...] by

Measure for Measure September 9, 2009: Original Artwork by Paul Killebrew Anyone who has ever looked at a photo of W.H. Auden knows the man enjoyed a good martini in his time.  Perhaps one or five too many.  “But,” the [...] by

This Is the Week That Is August 20, 2009: Jason Conger, Rodrigo Toscano, Riva Roller, Clare Alexa Sammons (photo by Laura Elrick) Meet the Radical:  Jason Boog, GalleyCat impresario and freelance video essayist, explores the life and work [...] by