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Hello Again & Harriet & Comments April 29, 2009: This seems like as good of a time as any to re-introduce myself as a Harriet citizen, so here I go: Hi.  How’s it going? As many of you know, for the past eleven months  I’ve been a [...] by

Opt In or Opt Out? April 29, 2009: The NYT reported yesterday that the Justice Department is looking into the anti-trust implications of the Google Books Settlement. This is the latest twist in an ongoing saga–one which leaves [...] by

Jim Behrle, Zadie Smith, Sexy Robots, and the Chicago Poetry Tour April 22, 2009: Jim Behrle (pictured above) has launched Baby Trotsky a Twitter literary magazine featuring, of course, 140 character poems and short (short!) stories.  Who knows if it will be as successful as [...] by

Headlines: NEVERMORE! April 10, 2009: No, dear hearts, I am not made of stone.  I am not some blog hog tyrant who can’t listen to reason.  So when you say, hey, bubba, those headlines on Harriet this month are kind of [...] by

Headlines: April 9, 2009 April 9, 2009: Different sex, different book. The 2009 Guggenheim list. Dante’s love and Dante’s ethics. by

Headlines: April 8, 2009 April 8, 2009: Seamus Heaney= bikini? Egypt bans literary journal for “blasphemous poem.” How to build your own letterpress. by

Headlines: April 7, 2009 April 7, 2009: Latino/a Poetry Fest at Miami of Ohio Get a personalized edition of a Penguin Classic! Jacques Roubaud’s pink oranges by

Headlines: April 6, 2009 April 6, 2009: It’s National Poetry Month at the Huffington Post And perhaps it’s time for poetry’s “dramatic image overhaul” The poetry Final Four (T.B. take note) by

Headlines: April 3, 2009 April 3, 2009: The greatest poet of the great war? “This bright-skinned papa’s boy”: Rita Dove’s Sonata Mulattica Is the economy good for small bookstores? by