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To Fill the Absence April 4, 2011: …and what if thou withdraw In silence from the living, and no friend Take note of thy departure? All that breathe Will share thy destiny…. —from William Cullen Bryant’s [...] by

NO COUNTRY FOR ARTISTS AND POETS April 29, 2010: While many other cities are turning abandoned civic sites into cultural havens to attract artists and tourists, Los Angeles is apparently divesting itself of its artists and literary writers. I’ve [...] by

NO TIME TO BREATHE April 27, 2010: As a Single Mom of three, struggling to survive in the South Central and Hollywood ghettos of the late 60s-early 80s, I was never able to find quality writing time. I found a manuscript’s worth at [...] by

MY FEMINIST ASPECT—A NON-SELF INTERVIEW IN BRIEF April 26, 2010: Dear Ones: Those who read my poems often gravitate to aspects of my work I hadn’t given enough attention. It’s the same process with interviews, depending on the slant of the article or the [...] by

We People Who Live Out Loud April 23, 2010: I remember spotting and then studying them surreptitiously as a child. They had what one aunt called je ne sais quoi—an indefinable quality. Men in cravats, tams and clunky jewelry stood out in the [...] by

Poetry—Unlike sports, an unregulated industry April 20, 2010: Quiet is usually kept extremely well. Speculations and whispers circulate, underground and in backwaters. Yet bad things occur, and God-awful things happen. Tires are slashed. Snail mail is rerouted [...] by

Unlucky students are taught to hate poetry April 19, 2010: On a recent trip to a hospital emergency room, my husband Austin Straus met a very ill 14-year-old and her 41-year-old mother. They struck up a conversation and the middle-school student complained [...] by

The World She Should have Known April 18, 2010: Her birthday passed a few days ago. As her literary executor, I wondered if I should stoke myself up into sending out her manuscripts of poetry and short stories again. It’s been roughly six years [...] by

I am There Even When I’m not There April 12, 2010: It is difficult to be in two places at the same time, but somehow I manage. I go and run and do, then some.  While beating up language poets at the AWP (actually, I was gesticulating to them about [...] by

About an Unknown Poet, Her Death Pending April 12, 2010: Examining my feelings might be possible if I let myself feel. Visiting her at the hospital reminded me of visiting Mother at the nursing home before that death 3 years back; the immigrant healthcare [...] by