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DJ Rashad & the Body Electric Poetics of the Chicago Footwork Scene October 19, 2016: Right Temptation The synths fire like the loaded guns planted in the middle of the jungle gyms on the playgrounds of Chicago’s Southside neighborhoods, black breaking as jade breaks astral fabulous [...] by

Reparations begin in the body: A look at why the first and most crucial poetic gesture for a black poet in the West is a knowledge and mastery of her body October 6, 2016: Look for me in the whirlwind She teaches us that voodoo was used as a means, during slavery, for slaves to break free from the slave master. When the slave wanted to break free from the master, the [...] by

Searching for Tía Harriet September 30, 2016: Every once in a while I’ll hear a Latinx poet on social media describe getting published in Poetry as a dream come true. Invariably I’ll roll my inner eye. Sure, I get the prestige and the fact [...] by

Party Like It’s 1898! September 23, 2016: The day Prince died I had just arrived in San Francisco (fashionably late, of course) for Kuwentuhan (Talkstory), a project conceived and curated by the poet Barbara Jane Reyes, who co-produced it [...] by

The Machinations of Translation September 16, 2016: “Something that would definitively wipe out memory, maybe.” Juan Carlos Flores (1962-2016), “Machi-nation,” as translated by Kristin Dykstra I had been planning a post about recent Latin [...] by

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side Two September 13, 2016: In my last post, I commented on five poems by diasporic Puerto Rican poets published in 2015. Here, for side two of my mixtape, I will comment on some Diasporican poems published during the first [...] by

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side One September 8, 2016: It’s been a challenging twenty months for Puerto Rico. Against the backdrop of an ongoing economic and political crisis and the PROMESA bill’s imposition of a financial control board or [...] by

Experiments in Joy: Cut the Cake or Ven Devórame Otra Vez August 31, 2016: You give yourself to something and it sucks on you until you disappear —Lisa Samuels, Tomorrowland (Deep Surface Productions, 2012) I. Along the continuum of desire. —An invitation to follow the [...] by

Carving the Mask: Notes on Re-entering Tomorrowland August 29, 2016: A surrender Vessel and vehicle for interstitial visions City that never sleeps I. Divided Mind Sometimes when I set about writing I want also to be somewhere else. This time it is with friends in [...] by

Cake Somebody Momma Made & She Put Her Foot in It August 26, 2016: I. From “Blood Labyrinth” I split and split again and wade in pools of skin to gather into folds. There is a rhythm to it and a rhyme and a burgeoning desire.      Part [...] by