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Dear Gone April 20, 2016: One of my life-long preoccupations continues to be how to write about loss, how to attend to the thing that is beyond one’s grasp. In “Dear Gone” Grey Vild stumbles around in the desert of [...] by

This Having Been Earthly Seems Lasting April 19, 2016: Notes for national corpse month, continued: I am thinking about the garden. Youna Kwak imagines it (first). Then she remembers it. Then she is in it, walking alone. Before I fail to join her, my mind [...] by

Language Is Migrant April 18, 2016: It’s not an exaggeration to say that Cecilia Vicuña, at the age of 24, and without even meaning to be, was way ahead of her time as a maker of conceptual art in Chile. It is also not an [...] by

Unfree Verse April 15, 2016: I first read this essay when Joshua Clover sent it over spring break. The cold that comes on crying and lingers for a month had just begun but I kept preparing for next week’s classes anyway, [...] by

I Was Ostensibly Searching for My Father, But. April 14, 2016: In Ken Chen’s extraordinary essay, to enter the underworld is to enter catastrophe across spatial boundaries and temporal gaps. To enter the underworld, in fact, is to re-inscribe the site of [...] by

Corpse and Slur April 13, 2016: Notes for national corpse month, continued: Each of these texts, each of these interventions—these questions, confessions, recoveries, propositions—are taking place in rooms. At least, that is [...] by

Poetry Betrays Whiteness April 12, 2016: Among the many pointed questions that Lucas de Lima raises in “Poetry Betrays Whiteness” is that of how positions of unitedstatesian privilege can be used “to fight structural inequality and [...] by

Because A Lady Asks Me: On Poetry & Money April 11, 2016: Is there a more vexed subject than the literary prize? Well, yes—but in conversations on poetry and money, maybe not. Many of the major prizes for poetry (those that come with large sums of money) [...] by

Inspiration Presents Itself to Me in the Form of Anxiety April 8, 2016: When I was asked to be a blog curator on Harriet for the month of April, I had been thinking a lot about the relationship between risk, danger, and discomfort and how these sensations or [...] by

Unknown [sound of water against stone] April 7, 2016: Notes for national corpse month, continued: It makes sense to begin on the ceiling. To begin pressed against the limits of the room, whether in solitude, asylum, or restraint, beyond which spread the [...] by