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Serious Play August 18, 2016: I. The I in the Center of Experiment Giving myself the assignment to conduct experiments in joy this past spring was initially a way to shift my approach to following through on something I had [...] by

‘I set about writing wanting to give you something I love’ August 11, 2016: Music, I decide, and choose a favorite playlist. ♪  It’s my pre-show audio, a compilation of disco tunes I like to blast over the theater’s main sound system in the hour of prep before the [...] by

‘Although it felt like a confession’; or, Introducing the Harri Blogject: The HarriPoG and Other Experiments in Joy August 5, 2016: I. False starts Although it felt like a confession as I began to type this, I knew that it was not. I was safe in my own apartment standing at the edge of my bed listening to the rhythmic whir of the [...] by

Lines Ascry/Lines As Cry: On David Need July 29, 2016: David Need’s Offshore St. Mark bills itself as a text sitting adjacent to the gospel of Mark, not a commentary or exegesis or even meditation but something more like an illustration—and there are [...] by

Row Beyond: On giovanni singleton July 25, 2016: One of the problems with writing about poems, and especially with writing about poems that are trying to reach something that isn’t articulable in language, is that it’s impossible. & [...] by

What Is Necessary About Belief: On Carol Ciavonne July 18, 2016: As I’ve been looking over past contributions to the blog, I was especially struck by the series of posts Stephanie Young curated last April, in which poets talked about the relation of their work [...] by

No More July 12, 2016: Like you, I’ve got more on my mind than poetry this morning, this weekend, this year, this decade. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. The dead in Dallas. Afghanistan vet Micah Johnson. Assassination [...] by

Fictional Poetry Roundtable With Ben Fama, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Rin Johnson, Corina Copp, & Gordon Faylor June 30, 2016: I asked some poets to answer one of the following six questions: How has fiction been affecting your work, lately? How/why do you create “characters” in poems?  Can you think of [...] by

Experience You’re Not Willing to Share + Book You’re Reading + Movies June 29, 2016: In my first post “On Fictional Poetry,” I made promises I didn’t keep: to actually make the argument later in the month, for one. Also: that I would post a poem-essay on how poems make [...] by

A True Account of Falling in Love With Brian Droitcour on Fire Island June 29, 2016: In May, I went to Fire Island with Brian Droitcour, writer, translator, curator, associate editor & online editor at Art in America, and member of the Yelp Elite. How could I not fall in love? I [...] by