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The Best Job on Earth: On the Poetry of C. D. Wright January 12, 2017: [Editor’s Note: On January 12th, 2016, C. D. Wright passed away at the age of 67. Below, Brian Teare remembers Wright and pays tribute to her work and legacy.] In 2005, C. D. Wright published [...] by

Not One of Us, All of Us: Writers Resist, Chicago January 10, 2017:   It is simply not enough to be an artist, unengaged. If you live in political times, if the lightning rod of history quivers with fire on your roof, then all art is political. –Paul Monette [...] by

If the Sky Darkens: Mental Illness, Poetic Difficulty, & Amelia Rosselli’s War Variations November 7, 2016: I first encountered the work of Amelia Rosselli (1930-1996) in 2006. I had been a loyal customer of Green Integer Editions, which publishes pocket-sized books by a range of international poets. I [...] by

Black Libraries Matter: No Whispering. Food, Drink, & Dancing, Shouting, & Singing Encouraged July 22, 2016: I’ve spent the past couple of weeks going to sleep at dawn after long dejected discussions with black friends and loved ones, wherein the culmination was either rallying around the fact that we [...] by

Feel Space: Poets 4 Orlando June 24, 2016: All the way from Myrtle Broadway to Broadway Lafayette to 72nd Street and from Strawberry Fields to Sheep’s Meadow, I hoped I’d run into anyone looking like me who might be headed to Poets 4 [...] by

The Vanishing Act March 10, 2016: I have been thinking of ways in which writers have vanished—the way they have vanished themselves from the literary world and from the world itself. I have been thinking, specifically, of how [...] by

To Be Asked for a Kiss February 1, 2016: Suicide’s Note           by Langston Hughes The calm, Cool face of the river Asked me for a kiss.   The desire to be dead and the desire not [...] by

Today or a Million Years Ago: An Interview with Raúl Zurita March 24, 2015: This interview took place on Sunday, April 13, 2014 in the lobby of the Washington Square Hotel in Manhattan. I had spent the weekend talking and working with Raúl; two nights before, on Friday, [...] by

C’est la Ville!: Urban Voices from Paris and Chicago January 19, 2015: This past fall during Open House Chicago, the Poetry Foundation and La Maison de la Poésie collaborated on an audio installation that brought together 6 poets from Paris and Chicago, respectively. [...] by

Adjuncts Speak Out: Stephanie Young, David Buuck, and Christian Nagler in Conversation December 4, 2014: At the end of summer, I went back to school and sat down with three Bay Area Adjunct Writing Instructors (*and poets!) who are leading the charge locally toward better working conditions for adjuncts [...] by