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Wilfred Owen Celebration Recreates His Craiglockhart Hospital Pilgrimage June 27, 2017: World War One poet Wilfred Owen is revered for his unflinching words about conflict and strife. His poems are as relevant to historians and literary scholars as they are to contemporary soldiers and [...] by

A Poem for Every Page of DFW’s Infinite Jest June 27, 2017: “For poet Jenni B. Baker, David Foster Wallace’s postmodern epic on tennis, recovery and entertainment, is text material for her poetry,” writes Elizabeth Flock at PBS NewsHour about [...] by

Lauren Hunter Shows Up for Human Achievements June 27, 2017: Lauren Hunter, whose debut collection, Human Achievements, was recently published by Birds, LLC, talks to Vi Khi Nao at Entropy. “Your Human Achievements is an achievement,” says Nao. [...] by

Stephen Collis Reads Susan Howe’s Latest, Possibly Last Collection June 27, 2017: At Boston Review, Stephen Collis introduces readers to Susan Howe’s latest collection of poetry, and maybe last, Debths. It’s a possibility that the author herself has suggested and, as [...] by

2017 National Translation Award Longlists Announced June 26, 2017: Each year we’re exited to find out which poets and translators will be honored by American Literary Translators Association with their annual translation award. Today, ALTA has released their [...] by

Publishers Weekly’s Fall 2017 Poetry List June 26, 2017: We know summer has only just begun, but it never hurts to look forward to the fall poetry season. From the vantage of Publishers Weekly, this fall looks particularly strong. Alex Crowley lays out [...] by

NY Post Heralds NYC’s John Giorno Explosion June 26, 2017: A festival of art, writing, and performance by John Giorno has taken hold of the city of New York. “Ugo Rondinone: I ♥ John Giorno” began on June 21 at sites across the city, and as New [...] by

Albert Mobilio Turns Pages of the Art Part of an Artist’s Book June 26, 2017: Albert Mobilio writes about the artist’s book and the current show Off the Shelf: Modern and Contemporary Artists’ Books at the Baltimore Museum of Art for the Paris Review Daily. “The [...] by

Shaun Miller Interviews James Galvin at LARB June 26, 2017: An iconic poet of the American West, James Galvin is in the spotlight at Los Angeles Review of Books. The author of eight poetry collections, Galvin joins Shaun Miller to discuss his history, [...] by

This Lonely Century: Barrett White Interviews SOd Press at Fanzine June 23, 2017: At Fanzine, poet Barrett White contributes the transcript from his recent discussion with Australian publishing influencers SOd Press (a.k.a. aj carruthers and Amelia Dale). “I was immediately [...] by