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Terrance Hayes Delights Us With Talk of Syntax, Sound, Formal Play, New Poems . . . September 29, 2016: At Best American Poetry, Terrance Hayes is interviewed by Alan Michael Parker. Instigated by a comment Hayes had made earlier this year about “syntax and sound,” this interview explores [...] by

Shortlist Announced for 2016 National Translation Awards in Poetry & Prose September 29, 2016: Today the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) announced their shortlist for translation awards in poetry and prose. We were happy to see some great titles on this year’s list, as [...] by

‘Reading Other Women’ at Boston Review September 29, 2016: In the introduction to her new series, “Reading Other Women,” Rafia Zakaria discusses the series of articles’ primary goal: to “amend or supplement the literary cannon” [...] by

Vijay Seshadri & Kaveh Akbar Apprehend Senses of Scale at Divedapper September 29, 2016: Kaveh Akbar continues his winning interview-streak in this conversation with Vijay Seshadri at Divedapper. They talk about Hinduism (“the term is the equivalent of a word like [...] by

Katy Bohinc Lets Poets & Celebs Elucidate ‘The Twelfth House: Art and the Unconscious’ September 28, 2016: At Tender Buttons, poet Katy Bohinc (well-known for her book Dear Alain, of course, and its subsequent actual interlocution with philosopher Alain Badiou) has posted her paper, “The Twelfth [...] by

Amy De’Ath’s Essay on the Visceral ‘L(a)ying Down’ of Bhanu Kapil’s Ban en Banlieue September 28, 2016: At Mute Magazine, poet and critic Amy De’Ath explores at length the aesthetics and complications of laying and lying (down) in Bhanu Kapil’s Ban en Banlieue (Nightboat, 2015). Ban’s [...] by

Melville Tried Poetry After His Fiction’s Darkest Days September 28, 2016: After his initial failure as a commercial novelist, “American legend to be” Herman Melville took a stab at poetry (but unfortunately failed at that too). Via Literary Hub: When Herman [...] by

Judah Rubin & Lewis Freedman Give a Stunning, Not-Fake Interview at BOMB September 28, 2016: Two beautiful minds meet upon on the banks of a lake in Wisconsin to talk about “divination, food science, taxidermy, rabbinic literature, and the act of discussion itself.” Lewis [...] by

‘Art is not a goal, it is a new space’: A Conversation With Juan Felipe Herrera September 27, 2016: Up at Letras Latinas blog is an exclusive interview with U.S. poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, conducted by Luis Lopez-Maldonado. The conversation ranges across Herrera’s career, working [...] by

‘Ms. Olds Renders the Personal Universal’: Dwight Garner Reviews Sharon Olds’s Odes September 27, 2016: Dwight Garner assesses Sharon Olds (“Laureate of Sexuality”) and her latest book, Odes: “As a writer, she’s always gotten an illicit thrill from pushing boundaries, whether [...] by