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Somalia: A Nation of Poets? April 7, 2017: For National Poetry Month, Seattle public radio station KUOW interviews slam poet Hamda Yusuf on its program RadioActive Youth Media. In fact, as RadioActive’s Iman Mohamed reveals through [...] by

Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior Resonates in New Contexts April 7, 2017: At Ploughshares, Rachel Edelman extends her obsession with geologic inquiry to write about Lorine Niedecker and the Anthropocene. Niedecker “treats research and perception like a geologist [...] by

On Editing Marianne Moore: Heather Cass White at FSG’s Work in Progress April 6, 2017: At FSG’s blog, Work in Progress, Heather Cass White, who has spent the last ten years editing poetry by Marianne Moore, reveals the complications that surround gathering, selecting, and editing [...] by

Shelby Shaw Interviews Gramma’s Drew Scott Swenhaugen April 6, 2017: Seattle-based Gramma editor Drew Scott Swenhaugen speaks with Shelby Shaw at Fanzine about the newest Gramma ventures, which include the press’s first poetry collections, Ugly Time by Sarah [...] by

Books Received, March 2017 April 6, 2017: Alysse Aallyn, The Sacred Quiver (tredition) Seth Abramson (editor), Charles Bernstein (editor), Tracie Morris (editor), Jesse Damiani (editor), BAX 2016: Best American Experimental Writing [...] by

Yanara Friedland’s Uncountry: A Constant Move Between the Real & the Mythical April 5, 2017: Writer, translator, and Asymptote editor-at-large Poupeh Missaghi reviews Yanara Friedland’s Uncountry: A Mythology (Noemi Press, 2016) for EuropeNow, an online journal published by the Council [...] by

Split This Rock Interviews Freedom Plow Finalist Francisco Aragón April 5, 2017: As you might recall, last week we mentioned Split This Rock’s interview with 2017 Freedom Plow recipient, Christopher Soto, on its blog, Blog This Rock. This week, Blog This Rock presents [...] by

Forrest Gander Discusses Editing Japanese Poet Yoshimasu Gozo’s ‘Untranslatable’ Verse April 5, 2017: At Reading in Translation, Forrest Gander discusses a new editorial project that recently came to book-length fruition, thanks, in part, to the team at New Directions. Gander invited Sawako Nakayasu, [...] by

Reading With Eugene Ostashevsky April 4, 2017: NYRB Classics excerpts a longer interview at Shelf Awareness about Eugene Ostashevsky’s reading life (yes: “I am now reading the proofs of Subsisters by the German poet Uljana Wolf, a [...] by

Mikhail Baryshnikov Remembers His First Meeting With Joseph Brodsky in New York April 4, 2017: “Joseph’s appearance in my life meant guidance, in everything from simple everyday matters to bigger moral issues,” Mikhail Baryshnikov recalls. That’s Joseph Brodsky [...] by