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‘Let His Pen Do the Talking’: Johnny Cash’s Poetry Revealed in Rolling Stone November 23, 2016: A new book, Forever Words: The Unknown Poems, proves that Johnny Cash’s legacy is as much on the page as it is in the airwaves. John Carter Cash, who manages his family’s “multiple [...] by

‘One Hundred Megawatts of Butter’: A Thanksgiving Menu Poem Courtesy of BlazeVOX November 23, 2016: For this year’s Thanksgiving Menu Poem, poet, publisher, and professional chef Geoffrey Gatza generously celebrates Elizabeth Alexander. As Gatza notes at BlazeVOX, the TMP has been going [...] by

The New Inquiry’s Generous, Treasonous, Must-Read Reading List November 23, 2016: The New Inquiry has posted “A Time for Treason,” a reading list for these dark times created by “a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are writers, [...] by

Poetry Rises, Says Wired Magazine November 22, 2016: At Wired, Lexi Pandell explores the thesis that our year of 2016 is “resurrecting poetry.” (Was it dead? Nevermind.) “Of course, it never really left. It was always there waiting [...] by

Notes from an ‘Expendable America’ November 22, 2016: A woman hangs wet laundry to dry on a bitterly cold day, a dog looks off into the distance, and like many of us, Charles Simic has a sinking feeling that something is not quite right: “The Ship [...] by

Claudia La Rocco Finds Presence in Reading(s) of/for Bill Berkson November 22, 2016: We mustn’t let too much more time pass before pointing out Claudia La Rocco’s beautiful response/review of Bill Berkson’s Invisible Oligarchs (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016), up at [...] by

Barry Schwabsky’s Reader’s Diary: Pierre Reverdy & ‘The Song of the Dead’ November 22, 2016: Although Pierre Reverdy is “the favorite French poet among American poets,” as Barry Schwabsky attests, Reverdy’s writing has emerged in English somewhat piecemeal. (Save for the [...] by

David Hadbawnik on Jack Spicer, Experimental Translation, Aliveness . . . November 21, 2016: The current issue of Asymptote Journal features an interview with poet, translator, and scholar David Hadbawnik! “Hadbawnik’s translation of books I-VI of Virgil’s Aeneid (Shearsman, 2015) [...] by

Douglas Messerli Remembers David Antin November 21, 2016: At Hyperallergic, Douglas Messerli writes about his long-time friend and intellectual compatriot David Antin, whose death in October we noted here. Shortly after Antin’s passing, Messerli was [...] by

‘My Body as an Argument, a Site of Proof and Contention’: Morgan Parker’s NYT Op-Ed November 21, 2016: In a New York Times op-ed, Morgan Parker, author of the forthcoming poetry collection There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé, bravely articulates her struggle to remain strong in spite of a [...] by