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Sleeping in With Matthew Reed Corey November 30, 2016: Sector 2337, of Green Lantern Press, hosts a conversation between Matthew Reed Corey and Jose-Luis Moctezuma about the politics of sleep and consciousness. Corey’s latest project, Cream Rinse [...] by

From Pauline Oliveros & Open Culture: Twenty Hours of Sonic Explorations November 30, 2016: Open Culture gives the gift of deep listening, posting a reverent, 20-hour playlist of music dedicated to Pauline Oliveros, who passed away last Thursday at the age of 84. Oliveros was also a writer: [...] by

Forrest Gander Takes on Translation Project of Neruda’s Lost Poems November 29, 2016: A Forrest Gander essay about translating Pablo Neruda’s lost poems went up at Literary Hub last week. The poet and translator admits that he’s often preferred to champion terrific [...] by

Unfolding the Envelope: A Look Into Emily Dickinson’s Scrap Poetry November 29, 2016: Anytime is a good time to read some poems by Emily Dickinson, but over at the New Yorker, Dan Chiasson argues that the current moment may be the best time to delve into verse by the Belle of Amherst. [...] by

New York Times Steps Into Ishion Hutchinson’s House of Lords and Commons November 29, 2016: William Logan of the New York Times writes that “Ishion Hutchinson’s darkly tinged yet exuberant new poems are the strongest to come out of the Caribbean in a generation.” A Jamaican [...] by

New York Mag Recommends Poetry for the Holidays: Natalie Diaz, Cathy Park Hong, Gertrude Stein, Anna Akhmatova . . . November 29, 2016: New York Magazine editors are recommending 13 new poetry books for the holidays (that’s right, list-season is upon us). “Balms for the soul,” they call them! Writer Mike Albo gives [...] by

Young Women Rock the Guardian November 28, 2016: From the inaugural Feminist Writers Festival in Melbourne to the stages of YouTube, an emerging genre of feminist poets are disrupting the discourse about their gender. Indian-Canadian poet Rupi [...] by

Featuring Bianca Stone & the Ruth Stone Foundation November 28, 2016: Poet and artist Bianca Stone is featured in New England’s Take Magazine. Stone, one of three successive writers in her family–including her mother, fiction writer Abigail Stone; and [...] by

Not All Is Lost: Guardian Profiles the Last Poets November 28, 2016: While conducting research for her new book about the Last Poets, Christine Otten delved into the stories of every member: their rise and fall alongside their music. The Guardian published [...] by

Monsieur Rimbaud, le Photographe November 28, 2016: To get you back into the poetry spirit after Thanksgiving, we’ll ease in with a look at a few photographs by none other than poet Arthur Rimbaud. Lucille Pennel at L’Œile de la [...] by