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Ruben Quesada on the New Life of ‘Video Poems’ March 13, 2017: Poetry videos (or video poems) are the topic at hand at Ploughshares, where Ruben Quesada understands the composition of a video as a relationship between images and language. He looks at video- and [...] by

Book of Our Dreams: Emily Berry in Conversation With Ralf Webb at Los Angeles Review of Books March 13, 2017: Emily Berry’s new poetry collection, Stranger, Baby (Faber & Faber), roots around in the writer’s subconscious in order to paint a complex portrait of human dreams and desires, loss [...] by

Concordia University Crosses the Copyright Line March 13, 2017: Concordia University’s Centre for Expanded Poetics is in the headlines, specifically its director Nathan Brown, who has been scanning entire poetry collections before posting them to the [...] by

Poetry & Archeology Collide March 13, 2017: It’s not often we feature archeological discoveries on this humble blog. But today we’ll treat you to a wonderful moment of intersection between poetry and a recent dig in Egypt that [...] by

Saving the NEA, One Letter & Vigil at a Time March 10, 2017: The Chancellors of the Academy of the American Poets have published a letter expressing their support of federal funding for the arts and humanities, particularly for the NEA and the NEH (National [...] by

Cornelia Barber: ‘Girls stealing is inevitably a stealing back’ March 10, 2017: Holy smokes: Cornelia Barber’s new essay on Fanzine writes across “bad” writing, focusing on the work of Jasmine Gibson, Diana Hamilton, Jennifer Tamayo, Dolores Dorantes, and Jen [...] by

Danny Snelson Interviewed for Make (No) Bones Podcast Series! March 10, 2017: You must listen to this podcast with the brilliant Danny Snelson at Make (No) Bones. Snelson is interviewed by Toby Altman and Emily Barton Altman in Chicago; and reads from the index of a piece [...] by

Reading William Herebert for Lent March 10, 2017: It’s been a minute since poet and medieval preacher William Herebert walked on Earth. Centuries, in fact. But the Catholic Herald points out that his, and many other friars’ contributions [...] by

‘Sorrow Sells’: The New Yorker Ventures Into the Life of an Insta-Poet March 10, 2017: What inspires tormented souls to pen verses for Instagram? In her article, “The Life of an Instagram Poet,” Sheila Marikar introduces New Yorker readers to one such bard. Reuben Holmes, [...] by

From ‘Nobody’ to Somebody: The Morgan Library Brings Emily Dickinson in Context March 9, 2017: Meanwhile, PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown visited The Morgan Library yesterday to learn about Emily Dickinson. The poet who has for decades been shrouded by her reputation for wearing white [...] by