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Morgan Parker Interviewed at Nylon Magazine February 16, 2017: Poet Morgan Parker talks to Nylon about her new book, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé (Tin House, 2017), and its exploration of black womanhood. “What made you decide on that [...] by

Christopher Strachey’s Love-Letter-Writing Machine February 15, 2017: Nephew of one of the Bloomsbury group’s founders, Lytton Strachey, Christopher Strachey was a programmer in the University of Manchester computer lab when, in August of 1953, he wrote a program [...] by

F. Douglas Brown & Geffrey Davis Discuss Fatherhood in Begotten February 15, 2017: At PBS NewsHour, Elizabeth Flock meets with F. Douglas Brown and Geffrey Davis to discuss poetry as a platform that engages with the complexities of fatherhood, in an age when growing up black in [...] by

Chris Santiago & Viet Thanh Nguyen Talk Tula February 15, 2017: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Chris Santiago and Viet Thanh Nguyen converse on a range of topics, beginning with an exploration of the Tagalog word for poem: Tula (which, hey!, is also the title of [...] by

Gregory Pardlo’s Air-Traffic-Controller Father February 15, 2017: Gregory Pardlo’s father, Gregory Pardlo, Sr., was in the air traffic control biz. The poet’s story of defying President Ronald Reagan in 1981, hand-in-hand with his father on the picket [...] by

A Valentine’s Day Medley of Literary Couples February 14, 2017: Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. To celebrate, we’d like to direct your attention to Literary Hub, where Emily Temple has compiled a list of the most (and least) beautiful, erudite, [...] by

Bill Knott Celebrated at Jacket Copy February 14, 2017: For Jacket Copy, Craig Morgan Teicher reveals one of his favorite moments in Bill Knott’s writing, newly collected in I Am Fying Into Myself (ed. Thomas Lux), and one of his favorite Knott [...] by

Wondrously Disruptive Conclusions to AWP 2017 February 14, 2017: Publishers Weekly’s Claire Kirch went to the Candlelight Vigil for Freedom of Expression, held in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, on the final day of AWP. The vigil, organized by [...] by

In Memoriam: Reading One of Tom Raworth’s Last Poems February 14, 2017: Martin Corless-Smith remembers Tom Raworth at Tarpaulin Sky. He also looks at Raworth’s “observing ‘i'” in what might be his last poem, “Previs.” Corless-Smith had [...] by

Frances Richard Reviews The Work-Shy for 4Columns February 13, 2017: At 4Columns, Frances Richard reviews The Work-Shy (Blunt Research Group, Wesleyan University Press, 2017). “The Work-Shy is a book of spare lyric poems interspersed with a few pencil drawings, [...] by