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The Week We Made Discoveries October 5, 2012: This week, as part of our ongoing quest to stay youthful, your intrepid poetry reporters endeavored to think like scientists, move beyond our comfort zones, and get to the bottom of things. We [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week October 5, 2012: Trethewey, Collins, and Smith are still rocking the top three spots on this week’s contemporary best-sellers list. Last week Mark Strand’s Almost Invisible disappeared from the list, only to [...] by

The Week We Lived Dangerously September 28, 2012: Perhaps we spend too much time in our luxurious Ronan-designed HQ. We’ve certainly been accused to dwelling too long in the theoretical ivory tower of academe. But between the two, we can still get [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week September 28, 2012: Natasha Trethewey once again leads the pack with Thrall on this week’s contemporary best-seller list. Back from the dead is Billy Collins with his book of horoscopes… for the dead, creeping up to [...] by

The Week We Watched the News September 21, 2012: Poetry may seem an anachronistic pursuit, but only to those out of the know. Even at age 100, we still keep our ear on the pulse and our finger to the tracks, and we find that goings-on in the poetry [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week September 21, 2012: On this week’s contemporary best-seller list, poet laureate Natasha Trethewey again reigns supreme with her latest collection, Thrall. Sharon Olds’s Stag’s Leap (in paperback) jumps one spot [...] by

The Week We Spread a Little Sunshine September 14, 2012: Poetry can be a tough racket. In spite of the unprecedented opportunities that have risen with the internet, poets still struggle. The ones who succeed can be weirdos, prickly characters or worse. [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week September 14, 2012: Seasons change. And with the coming of autumn we see familiar top-titles drop from the best-seller list as others rise to the top. Staying strong this week at #1 is Natasha Threthewey’s Thrall, [...] by

The Week We Collected Long Reads September 7, 2012: As we prepare for the long, homebound winter months and set up automatic pizza delivery, we at Harriet HQ are collecting reading material so that we may all remain cerebrally stimulated while [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week September 7, 2012: Natasha Trethewey’s latest collection, Thrall, claims the top spot on this week’s contemporary best-seller list. The entry of the current Poet Laureate in the top five has disrupted a delicate [...] by