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At <em>Triple Canopy</em>, Abraham Adams Edits the <em>New Yorker</em>

Poetry News

Published just yesterday is an essay at Triple Canopy by Abraham Adams about “New Yorker poetry,” which isn’t to say Adams writes only of poetry in the New Yorker. The piece travels through and around, and finally into the material. There’s the New Yorker’s history: The year of the New Yorker’s founding, 1925, was also […]

Jocelyn Saidenberg Discloses the Hours at <em>Open Space</em>

Poetry News

At Open Space, Jocelyn Saidenberg’s piece “Notebooks on Notebooks” opens with Denise Riley, moves to Lucretius, travels with Bob Gluck to the Horologium mirabile Lundense (a 14th-century astronomical clock in Lund, Sweden), ponders the speech of stones, translates Catullus, and more. An excerpt from this travelogue: This post, whether marking passage or embrace, is part […]

Ben Fama Meets Up With Precious Okoyomon in <em>Queen Mob’s Tea House</em>

Poetry News

After reading Precious Okoyomon’s new book of poems published by Bottlecap Press, Ajebota, author and Wonder co-founder Ben Fama spoke with Okoyomon about the meaning behind the word “Ajebota,” life between Lagos and London, and mutual friend, the writer Dana Ward. Precious Okoyomon’s writing is like local honey I see being sold at the rest […]

National Book Awards Longlist for Poetry Announced

Poetry News

Today, the New Yorker takes a look at the longlist in the poetry category for the National Book Awards. The list is a mix of established poets and emerging poets, with Donika Kelly and Solmaz Sharif’s first books appearing in 2016. Now for that list: Daniel Borzutzky, The Performance of Becoming Human (Brooklyn Arts Press) […]

This Must Be the Place: Robbie Wood on Oceania, Aboriginal Poetry, & More at <em>Jacket2</em>

Poetry News

In his Jacket2 article “From Oceania with Love, Robbie Wood considers Australian Aboriginal poetry within modernism and postmodernism’s frameworks: Although we can debate the historicization of literary modernism, particularly by attending to its formal rather than authorial delineations, it is less contestable to suggest that it had a prominent position in the cultural life of […]

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side Two

Featured Blogger

In my last post, I commented on five poems by diasporic Puerto Rican poets published in 2015. Here, for side two of my mixtape, I will comment on some Diasporican poems published during the first eight months of 2016.  Thank you for sticking with this overextended remix! 06. Martín Espada, “El Moriviví.” In Vivas to […]

Wendy Trevino & Raquel Salas-Rivera in Conversation

Poetry News

Apiary Magazine is the new home of this great interview with Raquel Salas-Rivera by Wendy Trevino, “I have found [Salas-Rivera’s] insights into contemporary politics (especially around queerness, decolonization & anti-racism) & poetry & the relationship between the two fortifying. I am grateful to be able to share these insights with a wider audience.” We’re grateful, […]

Kazim Ali Interviewed at <em>Divedapper</em>

Poetry News

Nightboat editor and writer Kazim Ali is interviewed at Divedapper! Ali talks with the editors about the balancing required to teach, edit, and write; publication anxiety (Ali has two novels and a book of short stories coming out in the fall); poets and ambition; Icarus, and more. An excerpt: It seems like you’ve got so […]

Kate Durbin Text Messages With Taleen Kali at <em>Dum Dum</em>

Poetry News

For this month’s edition of Dum Dum Zine’s Text Message Interviews, editor-in-chief Taleen Kali texts with Kate Durbin. The performance/digital/lyric/everything poet tells all about her latest projects and the art work that inspires her. Could you tell me more about the selfie stick? Selfies at large also come up in your other work, such as […]

<em>East Bay Times</em> Fetes Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Azariah Cole-Shephard

Poetry News

“I will write in-your-face poetry,” Azariah Cole-Shepherd explained “and if it makes you uncomfortable, it should.” After reading at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, she received a standing ovation. Learn more about Cole-Shepherd’s exciting voice in the East Bay Times: There’s a fierce new voice rising out of East Oakland. It belongs to Oakland’s […]

The Room in Spite Of

From Poetry Magazine

Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Ari Banias’s poem “The Happy” appears in the September 2016 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog. Why do you come to writing. To talk with you, though it embarrasses me (“let me always / be embarrassed” […]

An Emotional Reference Point: Etel Adnan’s Survey Show at Serpentine

Poetry News

“Her paintings evoke sheer joy, their style unpretentious, not naive but innocent, at odds with her poetry and writings that bear witness to the violence of the world,” writes Maria Howard about Etal Adnan: The Weight of the World, a survey of Adnan’s visual work at London’s Serpentine Gallery. Howard walks through the show for […]

Let’s Devote Ourselves to Norma Cole

Poetry News

Remember Lisa Robertson’s “My fidelity is my own disaster” (a corruption of Saint Augustine’s Confessions)? How else can it mean, this fidelity to a writer or artist who has deeply impacted your practice? Michael Cross is devoting (had to) an entire project to the question, surrounding poet and translator (of such French authors like Danielle […]

‘Delicate and Tough-Minded’: On the Verse Structures of Naomi Replansky

Poetry News

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Eric Gudas sits down to learn more about Naomi Replansky, a poet with a rich career who first enthralled him in college. NAOMI REPLANSKY’S POEMS have unsettled, obsessed, and captivated me since I first encountered them, as a 20-year-old college student, at a reading in the West Village. […]

Tommy Pico Profiled in the <em>New Yorker</em>

Poetry News

In his profile “The Anger and Joy of a Native-american Poet in Brooklyn,” New Yorker writer Peter Moskowitz spends time with emerging poet Tommy Pico. Pico grew up near San Diego on the Viejas Reservation: he is part of the Kumeyaay nation. Now 32, he has lived in New York City for the last 13 […]

Stephen Burt Close-Reads Allan Peterson’s ‘Epigraph’

Poetry News

Stephen Burt looks at a particular poem by Florida visual artist and poet Allan Peterson for Slate, writing that the lines of “Epigraph” “say how he sees the world: literally how he sees it with his eyes, and also how he interprets the words, inscriptions, epigraphs, that attach themselves, like epiphytes, to its nonverbal images.” […]

Announcing the Class of 2016 National Student Poets

Poetry News

If you weren’t aware: Annually, five students are selected for one year of service as literary ambassadors, each representing a different geographic region of the country, for the National Student Poets Program. The country’s highest honor has now been bestowed. Meet the Class of 2016 National Student Poets: They include Stella Binion, age 17, of […]

Another Look at <em>Ubu Roi</em> :: Happy Birthday, Alfred Jarry

Poetry News

At Paris Review Daily, Dan Piepenbring looks at Alfred Jarry’s glorious play Ubu Roi, for the occasion of Jarry’s birthday (he would be 143 today). Ubu Roi is a parody of Macbeth in which a revolutionary (that’s our Ubu!) kills the King of Poland and then does a number of other obscene things; a lot […]

Message in a Box: Fly Catcher Press to Publish Brexit Poems, Love Poems, & More From Exmoor

Poetry News

Inspired by Wordsworth and Coleridge, poet Chris Jelley has been encouraging Exmoor visitors to leave messages in tin boxes for fellow travelers, with the support of Lynmouth Pavilion Project. Now, Fly Catcher Press is planning to publish selections in a new anthology to celebrate the project. More: Following in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Coleridge […]

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side One

Featured Blogger

It’s been a challenging twenty months for Puerto Rico. Against the backdrop of an ongoing economic and political crisis and the PROMESA bill’s imposition of a financial control board or “junta,” many Puerto Ricans are joining an increasingly remapped diaspora, while many on and off the island are also protesting the U.S.’s at once neoliberal […]