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Stephen Burt Close-Reads Allan Peterson’s ‘Epigraph’

Poetry News

Stephen Burt looks at a particular poem by Florida visual artist and poet Allan Peterson for Slate, writing that the lines of “Epigraph” “say how he sees the world: literally how he sees it with his eyes, and also how he interprets the words, inscriptions, epigraphs, that attach themselves, like epiphytes, to its nonverbal images.” […]

Announcing the Class of 2016 National Student Poets

Poetry News

If you weren’t aware: Annually, five students are selected for one year of service as literary ambassadors, each representing a different geographic region of the country, for the National Student Poets Program. The country’s highest honor has now been bestowed. Meet the Class of 2016 National Student Poets: They include Stella Binion, age 17, of […]

Another Look at <em>Ubu Roi</em> :: Happy Birthday, Alfred Jarry

Poetry News

At Paris Review Daily, Dan Piepenbring looks at Alfred Jarry’s glorious play Ubu Roi, for the occasion of Jarry’s birthday (he would be 143 today). Ubu Roi is a parody of Macbeth in which a revolutionary (that’s our Ubu!) kills the King of Poland and then does a number of other obscene things; a lot […]

Message in a Box: Fly Catcher Press to Publish Brexit Poems, Love Poems, & More From Exmoor

Poetry News

Inspired by Wordsworth and Coleridge, poet Chris Jelley has been encouraging Exmoor visitors to leave messages in tin boxes for fellow travelers, with the support of Lynmouth Pavilion Project. Now, Fly Catcher Press is planning to publish selections in a new anthology to celebrate the project. More: Following in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Coleridge […]

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side One

Featured Blogger

It’s been a challenging twenty months for Puerto Rico. Against the backdrop of an ongoing economic and political crisis and the PROMESA bill’s imposition of a financial control board or “junta,” many Puerto Ricans are joining an increasingly remapped diaspora, while many on and off the island are also protesting the U.S.’s at once neoliberal […]

National Book Foundation Director Lisa Lucas Evangelizes at <em>NYT</em>

Poetry News

She’s gotten two Uber drivers to purchase books while in the car, she’s reached out to girlfriends who “aren’t readers”—but what does Lisa Lucas’s role as director of the National Book Foundation really look like on a day-to-day basis? Find out in Ana Marie Cox’s interview with Lucas in the New York Times: In February, […]

Seeing Scenes: Ben Fama Reviews Lucy Ives’s <em>The Hermit</em>

Poetry News

Ben Fama wrote a review of Lucy Ives’s newest, The Hermit (The Song Cave, 2016), for The Culture Trip. “Much of The Hermit regards the conceptualization of literature as novelistic. It’s even possible to look at The Hermit as a novel, which includes both characters and plot.” The dark heart of The Hermit is split […]

‘New Zealand’s Most Exciting Young Poet’: <em>Guardian</em> Profiles Hera Lindsay Bird

Poetry News

Her recently published debut poetry collection has already flown off bookstore shelves, with reprints on the way, and yet the 28 year old New Zealander Hera Lindsay Bird is rather down to earth. It’s a midwinter Monday night and Hera Lindsay Bird – New Zealand’s most exciting young poet – is tucked up in bed […]

Julian Gewirtz Interviews Carmen Giménez Smith at <em>Los Angeles Review of Books</em>

Poetry News

What does it mean to be a “literary citizen?” In Julian Gewirtz’s conversation with Carmen Giménez Smith, the poet and publisher reveals her influences, writing process, and more. JULIAN GEWIRTZ: To start, I’m interested in understanding which identity you came to first. Were you writing poetry long before you ever thought about being an editor? […]

Breaking News: Sharon Olds Takes Home Wallace Stevens Award

Poetry News

We at Harriet send our collective congratulations to Sharon Olds for winning the Academy of American Poets’s Wallace Stevens Award. The award comes with a $100,000 prize. As the Washington Post reports: One of the country’s leading poets, Pulitzer Prize winner Sharon Olds, has won a $100,000 lifetime achievement award. The Academy of American Poets […]

Writing Their Way Out of War: Poets Bejan Matur & Maram al-Masri

Poetry News

The Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy wrote about the literary force coming out of a troubled region. “It comes in defiant journalism, like the story televised last week of a gardener in Aleppo who was killed by bombs while tending his roses and his son, who helped him, orphaned. And it comes in the verses of two […]

Worth of a Record: Eileen Myles’s <em>Aloha / irish trees</em>

Poetry News

As we’ve mentioned, Aloha / irish trees is Eileen Myles’s new poetry record, put out by Fonograf Editions, a brand-new “vinyl-only” poetry press. Today, Nylon seems somewhat skeptical about it. Tova Benjamin asks: So who who would buy a record of a well-known or little-known poet reading their poems on vinyl? The most obvious answer […]

Max Ritvo & Heather Hartley Reviewed at <em>LARB</em>

Poetry News

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Stephen Burt looks at Max Ritvo’s debut book, Four Reincarnations, and Heather Hartley’s Adult Swim, her second collection. Burt approaches Ritvo’s collection under the dual lens of first book and last book; Ritvo passed away on August 23rd, as we reported here. Burt writes: If you read academic […]

September 2016 Cover Artist: Alexander Cohen

From Poetry Magazine

This month Poetry magazine got a little help from our friends at ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions). Development Director Dana Bassett, formerly of Poetry Foundation, sent us work by ACRE artists, per request, and we fell in love with Alexander Cohen’s Ashley Teamer immediately. I wrote to Cohen for more about Teamer herself (you […]

Big Bridge Press Hosts New Greek Avant Garde Poetry Anthology

Poetry News

Panos Bosnakis edits a new anthology that approaches Greece’s forgotten avant garde in a truly innovative way. The anthology, published by Big Bridge Press, includes a few familiar faces (Demosthenes Agrafiotis) and a few less familiar names. From Bosnakis’s introduction, called “Language Experimentation and Poetry Revolt to National Modernism: The Case of the Greek Avant-Garde […]

David Lehman Invites Readers to Craft Poetic ‘Non-Apologies’ at <em>American Scholar</em>

Poetry News

Like William Carlos Williams’s “Post-it-note poem,” “This Is Just to Say,” David Lehman’s American Scholar column “Next Line, Please” hosts a few readers’s poetic apologies of their own. This week we wrote non-apologies in the model of William Carlos Williams’s “This Is Just To Say,” a kind of Post-it-note poem in which the husband apologizes […]

Jackie Wang Posts Incredible Hélène Cixous Essay on Marina Tsvetaeva

Poetry News

Wow: Jackie Wang has uploaded an “absolutely breathtaking” essay by Hélène Cixous on Marina Tsvetaeva called “Poetry, Passion, and History” (chapter 4 in Cixous’s Readings). You can find it here. Wang writes: In this essay Cixous discusses desert writing and thirst, mountain vs. sea writing (aversion to the oceanic as aversion to the maternal), the […]

Bernadette Mayer in <em>The New Yorker</em>!

Poetry News

It’s about time Bernadette Mayer got a New Yorker profile, isn’t it? Daniel Wenger thought so. “How to Look in the Mirror Without Saying ‘I’” went up at 7:00 a.m. EST yesterday morning. “Her ‘thing’ was not having a ‘thing,’ apart from a roving curiosity, which helps explain both her contemporary appeal and, perhaps, her […]

Books Received: August 2016

Poetry News

Josep Lluis Aguilo, Lunarium (Arc Publications) John Argo, Yanapop (Clocktower Books) Rae Armantrout, Partly: New and Selected Poems, 2001-2015 (Wesleyan) Ari Banias, Anybody (W. W. Norton & Company) Gennady Gor, Dmitry Maksimov, Sergey Rudakov, Vladimir Sterligov, Pavel Zaltsman, Polina Barskova (editor), Written in the Dark: Five Siege Poets (Ugly Duckling Presse) Herbert Batt & Sheldon […]

<em>WSJ</em> Reports on the Nuyorican Poets Cafe’s Tremendous (and Incredibly Awesome) Upgrade

Poetry News

East Village mainstay the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is about to get a pretty major upgrade, writes Jennifer Smith of the Wall Street Journal. The legendary literary hub “that has long championed stripped-down, provocative and experimental work by Latinos and artists of color operating outside the cultural mainstream” began in 1973 and has continued as an […]