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Teen Perspective at the <em>Guardian</em>

Poetry News

How to get teenage boys to read poetry? One “Secret Scribbler” at the Guardian argues that collections by Ted Hughes and Simon Armitage are good places to start. More: One of the shocks of thinking about doing English Literature at university is having to read poetry. I haven’t read poetry for fun (Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky […]

<em>Hyperallergic</em> Ponders <em>The Story of Emoji</em>

Poetry News

Emoji-poets, this one’s for you. The Story of Emoji is a new book by writer Gavin Lucas about the visual symbol’s complex history in digital parlance. At Hyperallergic, Claire Voon unpacks the new language’s legacy. …No, it’s not all written in emoji, although the majority of its nearly 200 pages is devoted to images, as […]

No Time Like the Present for James Baldwin

Poetry News

May we conclude today with a note from James Baldwin. At Brain Pickings, Maria Popova recently compiled an enduring amount of wisdom from Baldwin, such as this gem: “If you are going to be a writer there is nothing I can say to stop you; if you’re not going to be a writer nothing I […]

<em>Entropy’</em>s Summer Reading List Includes <em>Antigone</em> Revival

Poetry News

Happening so fast: Entropy dazzles with its Ultimate Summer Reading List! “Summer officially started a couple of weeks ago and for many of us, we’re just starting to settle into the summer groove of things, not to mention trying to beat the heat. But if you’re trying to figure out what to read this summer, […]

<em>Through,</em> a Poetry of Encounter

Poetry News

At Review 31, poet and critic Dan Barrow reviews the one short and six long poems that comprise the third collection, Through (Carcanet), for UK poet and professor David Herd. Here, “Herd attempts to frame and explore, in texts whose tone and syntax is at once smooth and stuttering, the barbaric strangeness of [global migration […]

<em>National Geographic</em> on the Mimeo Revolution

Poetry News

National Geographic has an article on the Mimeograph Revolution, in which Greta Weber quotes poet Jerome Rothenberg (who wrote the preface to the indispensable A Secret Location on the Lower East Side) and expert Kyle Schlesinger, who remarks on mimeo’s fast nature: “It’s not so much different from blogging or tweeting now.” Weber also went […]

Now Through July 24—Typewrite to Your Heart’s Content in McCarren Park, Brooklyn

Poetry News

The founders of the infamous Poetry Brothel and the New York City Poetry Festival on Governors Island, Nicholas Adamski and Stephanie Berger, have another trick up their sleeves. Hyperallergic’s Allison Meier reports that the pair—who go by the Poetry Society of New York in more formal circles—have set up a typewriter in a booth in […]

How to Distinguish a Literary Scholar From a Literary Blogger?

Poetry News

Jeanne-Marie Jackson wonders about the public intellectual today, when “most academics working in the humanities prefer the posture of reaching out to the public, ‘applying’ their interpretive skills to remind us of social and political causes,” as she writes at 3:AM Magazine. Here’s the real Q: “To be clear, the politics themselves are not the […]

The Poetic Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami

Poetry News

We’d be remiss not to mention the July 4 passing of filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. He was 76. The Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw remembers Iran’s greatest cinematic poet. “His movies didn’t render up their meaning easily; they were replete with meditative calm, sadness, reflection, but also dissent, obliquely stylised confrontation and emotional negotiation – as […]

Tracy K. Smith & Tina Chang in Conversation at Cave Canem

Poetry News

Cave Canem has posted video of a recent conversation about poetry and friendship with Tracy K. Smith and Tina Chang! “In their talk at Cave Canem on May 19, ‘The Spirit That Is Charged: A Conversation about Poetry and Friendship,’ Tina Chang and Tracy K. Smith offered a glimpse into their 20-plus years of friendship, […]

At <em>LARB</em>: Chris Nealon on the End of Capitalism

Poetry News

At Los Angeles Review of Books, poet and scholar Chris Nealon considers the intellectual left and the possibility of the end of capitalism, reflecting on the book Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future, by Paul Mason (FSG). (Nealon is the author of The Matter of Capital: Poetry and Crisis in the American Century.) “There is,” […]

Over My Queer Samoan Body

From Poetry Magazine

Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Dan Taulapapa McMullin’s poems and artwork appear in the July/August 2016 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog. Saaaaahhhh-MOH-ahhh… Sa is drawn out in a long breath ahhhh. Sa is sacred, is family, moa is center, […]

A Startlingly Detailed Map: <em>Bookforum</em> Reviews Brian Blanchfield’s <em>Proxies</em>

Poetry News

At Bookforum, a review by Christopher Schmidt of Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies: Essays Near Knowing (Nightboat Books). “He attends . . . to the subtlest registers of misfit between a queer self and its world—and with such sensitivity, he provides a startlingly detailed map to a territory we only thought we knew well,” writes Schmidt. A […]

Flipping the Interview: Rob Fitterman’s Epic, Minimalist <em>Nevermind</em>

Poetry News

Up today at The Believer Logger is author Rob Fitterman interviewing reader Paul Stephens about Fitterman’s Nevermind (Wonder Books, 2016), the poet’s repurposing of the Nirvana album, “every word in order as heard, into a 712-page minimalist poem of the same name.” An excerpt: ROBERT FITTERMAN: What did you initially make of this book? What […]

Yves Bonnefoy, 1923–2016

Poetry News

We are sad to share the news that renowned French poet, translator, and critic Yves Bonnefoy died on Friday, at the age of 93. “Admirers from around the world took to Twitter to mourn Bonnefoy, known for his piercing gaze and mop of white hair, many of them quoting lines from his most famous works,” […]

#RumiWasntWhite: <em>Voice of America</em> Expresses Outrage Over Leonardo DiCaprio’s Possible Role as Rumi

Poetry News

Reeling from the rumor mill of a film industry in crisis, Voice of America reports collective outrage across Twitter after Oscar-winning screenwriter David Franzoni and producer Stephen Joel voiced their intention to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi, and Robert Downey Jr. as Rumi’s friend and spiritual mentor Shams-i-Tabrizi. This comes after […]

Patriotic Poetry to Help Get Through Every Day in America

Poetry News

Through poetry, John Brehm illuminates American history and global identity. The poet spoke to PBS NewsHour’s Mary Jo Brooks about his relationship to fireworks and all things patriotic. Poet John Brehm was living in New York in the summer of 2003 when he attended a Fourth of July celebration in Prospect Park. “I looked up […]

Page Turner: Reginald Dwayne Betts at <em>The New Yorker</em>

Poetry News

The New Yorker’s Elisa Gonzalez profiles poet Reginald Dwayne Betts for the magazine’s “Page Turner” column: “As we talked, outlasting the other diners, he bounced from subject to subject, discoursing on everything from strategies for post-conviction relief to his first kiss and bell hooks’s critique of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade.’” More: Reginald Dwayne Betts has wanted to […]

Shore to Shore Tour Diary at the <em>Guardian</em>

Poetry News

As part of their “Shore to Shore Tour,” poets Carol Ann Duffy, Gillian Clarke, Imtiaz Dharker, and Jackie Kay are traveling across the U.K. and reporting back to the Guardian with their responses and reflections on a changing nation. Read their complete tour diary here. From Imtiaz Dharker’s latest update: The map of the country […]

James Schuyler’s Poems an Urgent Morning Experience

Poetry News, Uncategorized

We’re a day late but who cares! At Locus Solus, Andrew Epstein writes “James Schuyler’s ‘June 30, 1974’ and the Poetics of Everyday Life,” which looks at Schuyler’s poem, written 42 years ago yesterday. In an essay on Schuyler, Douglas Crase zeroes in on the author of The Morning of the Poem as a poet […]