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‘I Wanted to be a Diminutive, Profuse, Electric Ribbon of Horniness and Divine Grace’: Maggie Nelson on Prince, at <em>The New Yorker</em>

Poetry News

Poet Maggie Nelson recounts her first encounter with Prince. The pop star, who died this year, was an early inspiration. Nelson writes: “Was I sexual at ten? I don’t know. I know my father died, and then, suddenly, there was Prince.” More: 1984 was also the year of “Purple Rain.” We saw it in the […]

Marlene Dietrich’s ‘Night Thoughts’ Accessioned at <em>The New Yorker</em>

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When the actress Marlene Dietrich passed away, Peter and Maria Riva (her children) donated a fraction of her library to the Film Museum in Berlin and the American Library in Paris. But what did she read and do in her final days, spent mostly in isolation? In addition to racking up a three-thousand-dollar-a-month phone bill, […]

<em>Washington Post’s</em> Best of the Rest

Poetry News

Elizabeth Lund of the Washington Post jumps from the latest by C.K. Williams to Günter Grass in her year-end synopsis of worthy reads. Both collections tackle death as their subject matters. More: Günter Grass, too, faces end-of-life questions in his final book, Of All That Ends (Houghton Mifflin). The book brings together poems, short prose […]

<em>New Yorker</em> Posts Favorite Poetry Reads of the Year

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As the New Yorker’s Dan Chiasson attests, this year has not been great. Who knows what the grim future holds? “These days, it’s a morning highlight when I find a sweater on the floor that already has a shirt inside it. But when we reëmerge someday from our underground silos, nurtured by Tang and protein […]

<em>TIME</em> for Jim Jarmusch…

Poetry News

Jim Jarmusch is, in particular, a fan of the New York School poets Frank O’Hara and John Ashbery. However, his newest film, Paterson, traces the development of a character modeled after William Carlos Williams, and takes place in Paterson, NJ. In an interview with TIME, Jarmusch explains: “I went on a day trip to Paterson […]

Etel Adnan, Suzanne Buffam & More Chosen for <em>New York Times’</em>s Best Poetry of 2016

Poetry News

David Orr has picked his favorite books of poetry from 2016 for the New York Times. “Here are 10 poetry collections published in 2016 that do the art form proud, even if none of their authors are likely to appear at the inauguration.” His choices throw some light on small presses, including Suzanne Buffam’s A […]

From the Bakersfield Fan Forum: Ara Shirinyan’s Longing to Be With the Lively Fishes

Poetry News

The recent Bakersfield Fan Forum, for which “poets, artists and scholars discussed the politics of fandom, appropriation and the concepts of the amateur and the enthusiast,” was “cultivated” by Poetic Research Bureau and featured readers of all stripes at Todd Madigan Gallery of California State University Bakersfield (CSUB). “Members of the forum created print-on-demand books […]

Lemony Snicket’s Poetry Prize

Poetry News

Netflix is working on the second screen adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket). With his excess per diem funds from travel, reports the Huffington Post, Handler is founding Per Diem Press, which will publish (as Handler himself announced on Facebook) “a single chapbook of poetry in early 2017, […]

Melissa Range Converses With Stephen Burt at <em>Literary Hub</em>

Poetry News

Most recently the author of Scriptorium (Beacon Press, 2016), selected by Tracy K. Smith as a winner of the 2015 National Poetry Series, Melissa Range speaks with Harvard Professor of English Stephen Burt about religious doctrine and rural identity at Literary Hub. In addition to being “interested in speaking about environmental injustice and poverty in […]

Three Small Presses That Bring More Women Into Publishing

Poetry News

Though more women read than men, “[m]embers of the literary world from various backgrounds have pointed out that book publishing elevates the work of men over women,” writes Aaron Calvin for Pacific Standard, where he looks at three small presses doing their part to level the field: Dorothy, YesYes Books, and Graywolf. “Though, behind the […]

Juan Felipe Herrera Selects Ray Gonzalez for 2017 Witter Bynner Fellowship

Poetry News

Juan Felipe Herrera has selected poet Ray Gonzalez for the 2017 Witter Bynner Fellowship, reports the Library of Congress. Gonzalez will receive a $10,000 fellowship to fully support the writing of poetry, and Herrera will introduce a program celebrating Gonzalez at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21. Of his appointment, Gonzalez said, “I am honored […]

They’ve Got Boston Connections

Poetry News

Boston Public Radio station WBUR’s Lloyd Schwartz admits that it’s a bit of a challenge to select a year’s worth of great reads. (We know the feeling.) To narrow down his selections, Schwartz focuses in on this year’s great books with a Boston connection. “That means I won’t be mentioning Rita Dove’s awe-inspiring ‘Collected Poems’ […]

Liz Howard Daydreams Away From Pressures of ‘The Next Thing’

Poetry News

At Sachiko Murakami’s blog The Hardest Thing About Being a Writer, Liz Howard talks life after the Griffin Prize, which she won this year for her debut collection, Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent (McClelland & Stewart, 2015). “In my notebook I drew an arrow between READING and a kindergarten-ish drawing of rain falling on […]

‘Le cri vain’: On Philip Terry & Enoh Meyomesse

Featured Blogger

This morning I came across a passage in an essay (Frederick Ahl’s “Ars Est Cameleer Artem,” in On Puns, edited by Jonathan Culler) which describes a scene in Cicero’s On Divination. A merchant cries, “Cauneus!,” which means “Carion figs!” The Roman general Crassus, passing by on his way to war in Syria, hears the phrase […]

Fanny Howe’s Beautiful <em>Paris Review</em> Interview

Poetry News

Fanny Howe discusses Samuel Beckett, poetry, filmmaking, moviegoing, and the monk’s life with longtime friend William Corbett in a new interview for Paris Review. “When I’m at the movies it’s complete immersion and happiness. I feel I’m at last safe, a little bit like being at mass.” Howe’s most recent book, The Needle’s Eye: Passing […]

PBS <em>NewsHour</em>: ‘There’s Never Been a Better Time for Publishing Poetry’

Poetry News

PBS NewsHour visits with Graywolf Press and Executive Editor, Jeff Schotts. Schotts has lead the press for many years. Press and publisher are part of a thriving literary community in Minneapolis. “The vitality of poetry publishing is at a pitch right now,” Schotts explains to Jeffrey Brown. More: JEFFREY BROWN: Shotts is executive editor at […]

At <em>Divedapper,</em> D.A. Powell Converses With Kaveh Akbar

Poetry News

Divedapper’s official poetry correspondent, Kaveh Akbar, spends a moment on “the scene” with San Francisco-based poet D.A. Powell. Their conversation begins by ruminating on Litquake and otherwise confining social obligations associated with conferences, before extending to other life experiences in the literary world. Akbar starts their convo: You’re at Litquake right now—I’ve never been to […]

‘What Do You Get When You Flash Your Hick Badge?’: <em>Hick Poetics</em> Analyzed at <em>The Fourth River</em>

Poetry News

The Fourth River pays tribute to a new anthology edited by Shelly Taylor and Abraham Smith: Hick Poetics: An Anthology of Contemporary Rural American Poetry. Abby Minor sets the scene: I was raised by a man who had opinions about the word “creek.” My father never missed an opportunity to remind my sister and me […]

The Mari Lwyd Dialogue: Welsh Rhyme Battles to Haunt Your Yuletide

Poetry News

In fun poetry news, Hyperallergic’s Allison Meier tells the tale of a folktale: the Welsh tradition/Pagan ritual of the Mari Lwyd, “a mid-winter custom wherein the skull of a horse, decked out with bells and ribbons, is paraded on a stick by a reveler beneath a sackcloth, who challenges neighbors in exchange for drink and […]

Dennis Cooper’s Favorite Everything of 2016 Concludes With Visionary Kenward Elmslie

Poetry News

As many artistic-minded folks tend to agree, the best year-end list of best things is Dennis Cooper’s “Mine for yours: My favorite fiction, poetry, nonfiction, film, music, art & internet of 2016.” This year, Cooper’s poetry list has much we’ve enjoyed, and much more we want to, including Jos Charles’s Safe Space (Ahsahta Press); Renee […]