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<em>Los Angeles Times</em> Celebrates L.A. Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodríguez as His Term Nears Completion

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Danielle Brazell, general manager of Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs, describes Luis J. Rodríguez as an inspiration to “vibrant communities across L.A.” Now city residents are singing the outgoing poet laureate’s praises. Via Los Angeles Times: The poet laureate of Los Angeles had just taken a seat at a Pacoima cafe when he was […]

Previously Unreleased Video Selected From SF Poetry Center Digital Archive Includes Akilah Oliver, Diane di Prima, Al Young, Raúl Zurita, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

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An epigraph by Akilah Oliver (1961–2011) opens an essay published yesterday on Open Space, “Getting Love Right,” by Elise Ficarra. “Just a little time, to get love right.” Oliver was among the few voices who resonated for Ficarra as she took on a curatorial project for San Francisco State’s Poetry Center–others included Diane di Prima, […]

Books Received: September 2016

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Marjorie Agosin, Harbors of Light (White Pine Press) Osama Alomar, The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories (New Directions) John Ashbery, Commotion of the Birds (Ecco) Thomas Aslin, Salvage (Lost Horse Press) David Baker, Scavenger Loop (W. W. Norton & Company) Aliki Barnstone, Dwelling (Sheep Meadow) Nastya Bayraktarova, First Love: Selected poems Joshua Bennett, […]

A Conversation With the Editors of Four Way Books

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Ever since 1995, when its first books hit shelves, Four Way Books has been a game-changer in the publishing industry. At the Best American Poetry blog, Martha Rhodes, James Fujinami Moore, Ryan Murphy, and Sally Ball of Four Way Books discuss their perspective and goals. A snippet from their convo with Dante Di Stefano: DD: […]

Juan Felipe Herrera Profiled at University of Notre Dame Website

Poetry News

Juan Felipe Herrera is visiting Notre Dame this week, and “[t]he significance of his visit is tied to why Notre Dame chose to start the Institute for Latino Studies in 1999,” says Francisco Aragón, director of Letras Latinas. “Herrera has been Aragón’s friend and informal mentor since he was a student at Berkeley and attended […]

Episode 29 of <em>Speedway & Swan</em> Highlights the University of Arizona Poetry Center Audio Archive

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The University of Arizona Poetry Center co-produces (with Tucson’s KXCI) a monthly radio program called Speedway & Swan, hosted by Brian Blanchfield; and a special episode featuring “some of the standout moments across 53 years of recorded Tucson readings available through voca: the audio-video library maintained by the University of Arizona Poetry Readings” is up […]

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He was a “beloved voice of the Vermont mountains with a rough-hewed personality and a gift for expressing the essence of the state and its people in burnished monosyllables.” Known for his poetry collections about the fictitious rural Vermont town, Judeville, and for his frequent contributions to NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “The Writer’s Almanac,” […]

Krystal Languell Reviews Alice Notley’s <em>Benediction</em> at <em>Hyperallergic</em>

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Of Benediction, (Letter Machine Editions, 2015) Languell writes “Notley pestles grammatical conventions into dust, refusing common notions of order.” Can you handle it? More: Alice Notley introduces herself before a reading, describes her plan for the event, “If you think you can handle it,” she laughs. The laugh tells the audience she knows some of […]

A Very Fine Interview With Sophie Mayer on Film, Feminist Collectivity, & Poetry

Poetry News

The Midnight Mollusc has published an interview with U.K. poet and film critic Sophie Mayer, author of (most recently) Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema. Writes David Spittle: “From out of the dialogues between feminist thinking, the exclusionary and insidious politics of representation, and the poetics of film that in turn question film in and […]

See for Yourself! <em>How to Be Perfect: An Illustrated Guide</em>

Poetry News

Cartoonist Jason Novak has created a long-awaited, book-length, illustrated interpretation of one of Ron Padgett’s most beloved poems, “How to Be Perfect.” Literary Hub generously offers us a glimpse of selected pages from How to Be Perfect: An Illustrated Guide, now out from Coffee House. Here’s one. Have a loyal, calm, progressive, self-congratulatory weekstart.

<em>Filmmaker</em> Magazine Posts Trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s <em>Paterson</em>

Poetry News

It’s the movie inspired by William Carlos Williams that we’ve all been waiting for! Paterson stars Adam Driver as Williams, who we follow as he travels through the epic modernist poem’s world. It’s set for a December 2016 release date (hello, Oscar-season!) but you can watch a trailer here. Via Filmmaker: Jim Jarmusch’s latest film, […]

‘Bomb-like’: Paul Cunningham Close Reads Don Mee Choi’s <em>Hardly War</em>

Poetry News

“Nothing in Hardly War is what it appears to be on the surface” Cunningham writes about Don Mee Choi’s latest collection. It’s partly a book of a father’s photographs, partly a book of a daughter’s poems. There’s plenty of memories and contexts circulating (like secret antiwar newspapers), but the American illogic takes its toll. There’s […]

Searching for Tía Harriet

Featured Blogger

Every once in a while I’ll hear a Latinx poet on social media describe getting published in Poetry as a dream come true. Invariably I’ll roll my inner eye. Sure, I get the prestige and the fact that the journal pay$ its contributors, and I find the current iteration of the journal a welcome joy […]

A New Generation of Young Men: Andrew McMillan Reads Poets After Orlando

Poetry News

U.K.-based poet Andrew McMillan reads, and is moved by,U.S. poetry in the wake of Orlando. Citing specific poems by Sam Sax, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Ocean Vuong, Rickey Laurentiis, and Jericho Brown, he concludes: “For all these poets, the body and the poem often become inseparable, the poem becoming a space where the body is free to […]

Anthony Madrid Wonders ‘What Is Poetry For?’

Poetry News

Paris Review Daily has now published two of Anthony Madrid’s quasi-kōan sets, “Both speech and silence are involved in transcendent detachment and subtle wisdom. How can we pass through without error?” (in July) and “I always remember Jiangnan in May; where the partridges call, the hundred flowers are fragrant.” (Right this very second! (ish)) More: […]

A Playlist for <em>Poetry’</em>s September 2016 Issue

From Poetry Magazine

For our September 2016 playlist, we asked Maggie Queeney, the Poetry Foundation’s library coordinator, to read through the issue and curate a selection of music for us. You can read about her approach to creating the playlist below. Click here to open the playlist in your Spotify app.  Compiling this playlist, I was looking to […]

Terrance Hayes Delights Us With Talk of Syntax, Sound, Formal Play, New Poems . . .

Poetry News

At Best American Poetry, Terrance Hayes is interviewed by Alan Michael Parker. Instigated by a comment Hayes had made earlier this year about “syntax and sound,” this interview explores that, and more (scraps, shape, play, Howl, rhythm). An excerpt: [Terrance Hayes:] …[M]ost times I’m thinking of rhythm as a kind of pattern. As in the […]

Shortlist Announced for 2016 National Translation Awards in Poetry & Prose

Poetry News

Today the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) announced their shortlist for translation awards in poetry and prose. We were happy to see some great titles on this year’s list, as judged by Adriana Jacobs, Karen Kovacik, and Cole Swensen. According to ALTA’s site “The winning translators will receive a $2,500 cash prize each, and the […]

‘Reading Other Women’ at <em>Boston Review</em>

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In the introduction to her new series, “Reading Other Women,” Rafia Zakaria discusses the series of articles’ primary goal: to “amend or supplement the literary cannon” on behalf of writers of color. Zakaria begins by looking at poet Atiya Fyzee, pictured at top: “I left a blank spot in my book of poetry, / When […]

Vijay Seshadri & Kaveh Akbar Apprehend Senses of Scale at <em>Divedapper</em>

Poetry News

Kaveh Akbar continues his winning interview-streak in this conversation with Vijay Seshadri at Divedapper. They talk about Hinduism (“the term is the equivalent of a word like ‘Hellenism’”), dynamic shifts in scale within a poem, defamiliarization leading to a deeper intimacy with reality, current literary discourse, and more. Some: [Kaveh Akbar:] …I think that a […]