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The Millions points out the inaugural issue of Deaf Poets Society, an online journal featuring new “intersectional disability literature & art.” Editors Ava C. Cipri, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, and Sarah Katz write that they “wanted to hear the stories of those living boldly, like us, and often close to the edge,” that they seek poems […]

Two Visual Universes From Copper Canyon

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At the London Magazine, Theophilus Kwek reviews two new collections from Copper Canyon, Ocean Vuong’s Night Sky with Exit Wounds and Richard Siken’s War of the Foxes. “Published less than a year apart, the two collections offer ample ground for comparison and admiration.” More: It would be a mistake … to think about War of […]

<em>American Theatre</em> Explores Shakespeare’s Complex American Celebrity

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In a recently published American Theatre article, “Shakespeare, Once and Future American,” Andrew Carlson and Charlotte M. Canning outline William Shakespeare’s complex, canonical status within American Literature. This year, celebrations across the United States will mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Carlson and Canning explain that the festivities are “part of a long history […]

‘Although it felt like a confession’; or, Introducing the Harri Blogject: The HarriPoG and Other Experiments in Joy

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I. False starts Although it felt like a confession as I began to type this, I knew that it was not. I was safe in my own apartment standing at the edge of my bed listening to the rhythmic whir of the twin motors of the window fan. Thought punctures the canopy— Poetry is a […]

Charles Simic Reviews Jana Prikryl’s Poetry Debut, <em>The After Party</em>

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At the New York Review of Books Charles Simic praises Jana Prikryl’s literary debut, The After Party: “Reading some of her poems is like walking into a movie theater in the middle of a film one knows nothing about, trying to figure out what is happening on the screen, irked at first that the answer […]

Zach Savich on Ben Lerner’s <em>The Hatred of Poetry</em>

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At Full Stop, a much-talked-about review by Zach Savich breaks down Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry. “Despite the currency of ire in online commentary, let alone in bars after poetry readings, Lerner’s contempt is less for actual poets than for the lapsarian fact of actuality itself, recalling when the narrator of Leaving the Atocha […]

Poet Transmit and Blonde Art Books Want Your Book Trailer Videos

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Poet Transmit, a project developed by writer/artist Cat Tyc and artist/curator Victoria Keddie, explores “textual practice and modes of transmission to expose the potential of poetic projection and how it exists in expanded fields of time.” In conjunction with Blonde Art Books, Poet Transmit is seeking “existing theatrical trailers, self­-produced commercials, and live broadcast performance […]

How Three European Authors Are Reinventing Political Literature

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At Literary Hub, Ane Farsethas reports on three superstars of Europe’s political, literary milieu: Athena Farrokhzad, Yahya Hassan, and Edouard Louis. Learn more: A new generation of young European writers is reinventing political literature—and people are listening. Some of the brightest new voices on the continent are making their names through overtly political books, showing […]

Federico García Lorca’s Legacy Explored at the <em>Economist</em>

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Eighty years after the now-revered Spanish poet’s death, two performing artists are evoking Federico García Lorca’s spirit in new works that celebrate his impact on literature worldwide. More: JUST OVER 80 years ago, Francisco Franco triggered a military uprising against his country’s government. Granada, one of Spain’s most historic cities, fell quickly to Franco’s rebel […]

‘The word poetry seems to be everywhere lately’

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Daniel Penny starts with Agamben in this essay at The New Inquiry about poetry and the art world; and the epigraph’s not from The Coming Community but the essay “What Is Contemporary?” What? “Poetry is having a moment. Pasted on walls crammed into press releases, and crawling across your screen, the word poetry seems to […]

<em>The New Yorker</em> Recalls Basil Bunting and the Now-Prescient ‘Briggflatts’

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At Page-Turner, Christopher Spaide picks up Basil Bunting, noting the publication of his famous “Briggflatts” in Poetry, January 1966. “[I]t was a sensation: a spectacular second act to a long-neglected career, the assimilation of the American modernist long poem by an English writer. But today ‘Briggflatts’ seems even more prescient and unlikely.” More: “Briggflatts” has […]

Public Radio International Reports from Singapore on Md Mukul Hossine’s <em>Me Migrant</em>

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Md Mukul Hossine, a Bangladeshi immigrant who became a construction worker in Singapore, has authored an enormously popular collection of poems called Me Migrant. The book, enthusiastically published by Ethos Books, addresses his experiences as a migrant worker. More, via Public Radio International: These are the first lines of the title poem in an evocative […]

‘Like Poetry From the Future’: <em>Mashable</em> Ruminates on Siri’s Emoji Readings

Poetry News

Who knew?! Tech media outlet Mashable pauses to reflect on the possibilities of poetry in cars delivered by Siri, via Apple CarPlay. According to Mashable, Siri is capable of delivering an unexpectedly interesting poetry reading by describing Apple emojis. Siri’s poetic descriptions of emojis, lasts for approximately thirty minutes and while some descriptive phrases are […]

The Songs We Know by Heart Are Also Poems?

Poetry News

Liesl Schillinger pens an op-ed for the LA Times that suggests we know more poems by heart than we realize. “Early on, emulating the heroines of my favorite childhood books (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Marianne Dashwood, Jane Eyre), I set myself the task of memorizing poems — a little Andrew Marvell, a little W.B. Yeats . […]

Poems as Animals: <em>A Ted Hughes Bestiary</em>

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David Biespiel looks at A Ted Hughes Bestiary, edited by Alice Oswald, for Bookforum. Each creature in this compendium of animals real and invented by Hughes is “as parlor-esque as they are mercurial.” More: I am thinking particularly of Hughes’s savagely transmogrified Crow poems, a sequence of gnarled, apocalyptic parables, one of the treasures of […]

Dan Chiasson Reviews Jana Prikryl’s Debut Collection of Poetry

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At the New Yorker, Dan Chiasson reads Jana Prikyl’s debut collection of poetry The After Party. A sprawling rumination on past events, Chiasson writes that Prikyl’s collection is as much autobiographical as it is philosophical. More: Jana Prikryl’s first book of poems, “The After Party” (Tim Duggan Books), brings to a close the long period […]

Books Received: July 2016

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Marjorie Agosín, The White Islands / Las Islas Blancas (Swan Isle Press) Rae Armantrout, Partly: New and Selected Poems, 2001-2015 (Wesleyan) Michael Augustin, A Certain Koslowski: The Director’s Cut (Arc Publications) Monique Balbuena, Homeless Tongues: Poetry and Languages of the Sephardic Diaspora (Stanford University Press) Nicolas Barker, Visible Voices: Translating Verse into Script & Print […]

Congratulations to Kevin Young: Named New Director of NYC’s Schomburg Center

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Hurray! Congratulations are in order for poet, scholar, and curator of rare books at Emory University Kevin Young, who will become the Schomburg Center’s new director. The internet is abuzz with the news, reported (in addition to other news outlets) by the New York Times, which explains that the Schomburg is “a division of the […]

Chris Hosea’s Postcard Project Lends Delight to Noncommercial Encounters Between Strangers

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Chris Hosea writes about the time(s) he handed out over 2,000 postcards to strangers in New York City, noting that “The postcard project (aka ‘What do you feel?’; 2011-ongoing)” “was designed to enable a simple, neutral transaction.” …I approach someone (usually a stranger) and say, “Hi, I’m an artist working on a project. I’d like […]

At <em>BOMB</em>, Ariana Reines Reviews C.D. Wright’s <em>The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All</em>

Poetry News

Ariana Reines reviews C.D. Wright’s The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All (Copper Canyon, 2016) for BOMB’s summer issue. The book is “a collection of essays inventively broken into fragments that read as prose poems […]