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Aase Berg’s Newest, Hackers, Reviewed by Alexis Alemeida May 5, 2017: As part of a special feature called “Facing the Anthropocene,” Swedish poet Aase Berg’s Hackers (Black Ocean, 2017), translated by Johanness Göransson, is reviewed at the Council for [...] by

Aase Berg’s Hackers Reviewed (with the help of Johannes Göransson) August 17, 2015: On Friday we saw several people on Facebook posting Google translations of reviews from publications across Swedish media of Aase Berg’s latest collection Hackers. Over the weekend Johannes [...] by

A Broad Range of Luminosity: Aase Berg & HDR Photography July 21, 2014: An interesting piece at The Hairsplitter on Aase Berg’s recent Black Ocean book, Dark Matter, translated and introduced by Johannes Göransson. Written by Ryo Yamaguchi, this one’s [...] by

‘Corean Music’ Part 3: The Autobiographical Account of The Diabolical Music of Translation and Kitsch August 12, 2013: 1. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible to translate. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible not to. I started translating long before I became an immigrant. I grew up in the [...] by

Announcing the BTBA Poetry Finalists! April 10, 2013: John Felstiner said translation is like a window. It lets some fresh air in and allows some stale air to drift out. Here are six books of poetry from around the world that offer some of the freshest [...] by

Motherhood Provokes Neologism: Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat Reviewed at BOMBLOG July 25, 2012: Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat (Ugly Duckling 2012) is reviewed at BOMBLOG. Julia Guez recalls Rachel Zucker on motherhood, and then writes: In an essay on “Language and Madness” translated by [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney on Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat February 23, 2012: We’ve been fans of Swedish poet and critic Aase Berg since her poems first began appearing in English–much of this can be credited to the translating work of Johannes Goransson, who [...] by