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The Washington Post on ‘What makes song lyrics poetry?’ May 15, 2017: Ever since Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature—poets and lovers of literature alike have brought the age-old debate about poetry’s relationship to song lyric back to the surface. At [...] by

Close-Reading the Lyrics of Kendrick Lamar & Bruno Mars May 9, 2017: In an op-ed at the LA Times, Adam Bradley sees pop music as the poetry of the day. Noting first that Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” have been moving in [...] by

The Paris Review Sets Pop to Poetry March 31, 2017: Adam Bradley’s new book, The Poetry of Pop, makes “the case for taking pop songs seriously—without being too serious about it.” At the Paris Review, Bradley invites poets to pick [...] by

Rap doesn’t define hip hop, but should its anthology? November 15, 2010: In a form like hip hop, where stylistic differentiation, competition, and the pursuit of precision advance the craft at such a rapid pace that whole genres and sub-genres will emerge and evolve into [...] by