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Adam Robinson on All Things Publishing November 18, 2016: The genius publisher behind Publishing Genius, Adam Robinson, talks to Kayla Tanenbaum at Columbia Journal. Tanenbaum opens the interview with an anecdote that illustrates Robinson’s knack at [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 5: LulzPo, Avant-Comic, YA Poetry Mix-Tape May 1, 2015: With a tip of the hat to Elaine Kahn and her mix-tape posts on Harriet, here’s a mix-tape of some of my favorite comic poems. I’m calling these selections LulzPo, or avant-comic, and YA [...] by

on the small press, part five: ‘we invite anyone to come and hang out’ April 30, 2014: The fifth and final in a series of posts featuring editors and publishers discussing their projects. Today: Patricia No and Giancarlo DiTrapano. Publication Studio was founded in 2009 in Portland, [...] by

We Are So Happy That Sampson Starkweather Is So Happy About the 2012 Chapbook Festival March 29, 2012: We are stunned, delighted, and generally more, uh, informed by having read this interview with the enthusiastic Sampson Starkweather about CHAPBOOKS. Starkweather is a co-editor of the small press [...] by