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Poetry in Afghanistan: New York Times Profiles Matiullah Turab August 19, 2013: This weekend’s New York Times also includes a dispatch from Afghanistan about the life and writing of Matiullah Turab. Mr. Turab is a popular poet who performs throughout Afghanistan and works [...] by

Landay: Anonymous Scrap of Song June 24, 2013: My body belongs to me; to others its mastery. It’s become a kind of tradition over the past several years for Poetry to publish an annual translation issue. This year we did something a bit [...] by

Can “counterpoetry” win the war in Afghanistan? March 28, 2011: PBS NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown talks to Thomas Johnson, director of the Program for Culture and Conflicts Studies at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, about the role of poetry in [...] by

Canadian poets bear witness to the war in Afghanistan June 29, 2010: Suzanne M. Steele, the first poet to be embedded with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan says: “There’s people swinging swords all through poetry.” She spoke recently with the [...] by