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ORS Poetica (now infused with ghee…) April 18, 2017: The inability to write does not arise from a drought, from one part of the trajectory of a being having exhaust in himself all marvels and phantasms, — no more than it stems from anguish (the [...] by

An Interview With Rachel Levitsky on the Work of Akilah Oliver March 6, 2017: The new issue of the Brooklyn Rail is out, and features a conversation between teacher, writer, and Belladonna* co-founder Rachel Levitsky and Ana Paula of the Rail on the occasion of the five-year [...] by

Previously Unreleased Video Selected From SF Poetry Center Digital Archive Includes Akilah Oliver, Diane di Prima, Al Young, Raúl Zurita, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge October 4, 2016: An epigraph by Akilah Oliver (1961–2011) opens an essay published yesterday on Open Space, “Getting Love Right,” by Elise Ficarra. “Just a little time, to get love right.” [...] by

Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 2) August 26, 2015: [Editor’s Note: Part 1 of “Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets” can be found here.] On Carolyn Kizer Carolyn Kizer was my poetry mentor, great friend and goddess. Here is an [...] by

To Fill the Absence April 4, 2011: …and what if thou withdraw In silence from the living, and no friend Take note of thy departure? All that breathe Will share thy destiny…. —from William Cullen Bryant’s [...] by

The teachings of Akilah Oliver remembered March 2, 2011: When Akilah Oliver passed away last week, memories and tributes to her work and giving spirit as a teacher spread out across the communities she touched, from Coffee House Press to Naropa University [...] by