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Alain Badiou on Poetry & Communism October 7, 2016: From Verso’s celebration of National Poetry Day in the U.K. to e-flux to Harriet: an excerpt from Alain Badiou’s The Age of the Poets, “a book in which the French philosopher argues [...] by

Katy Bohinc Lets Poets & Celebs Elucidate ‘The Twelfth House: Art and the Unconscious’ September 28, 2016: At Tender Buttons, poet Katy Bohinc (well-known for her book Dear Alain, of course, and its subsequent actual interlocution with philosopher Alain Badiou) has posted her paper, “The Twelfth [...] by

At Lana Turner: Alain Badiou on Poetry & Communism August 1, 2014: Just up at the Lana Turner blog is a new translation of an essay on poetry and communism by Alain Badiou aptly titled “Poetry and Communism,” translated by Bruno Bosteels. At first, [...] by

Alain Badiou to Write Hollywood Movie With Brad Pitt Playing Plato?! September 18, 2013: In totally bizarre news: Alain Badiou goes to Hollywood? With Brad Pitt as Plato, and Sean Connery his Socrates? From Critical Theory, which took the trouble to Google Translate from Jean [...] by