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Albert Mobilio Visits the Drawing Center for Jackson Mac Low Survey March 1, 2017: Albert Mobilio writes for the Paris Review blog about the exhibition of Jackson Mac Low’s drawings currently up at the Drawing Center, Lines–Letters–Words. “With roots in the Fluxus [...] by

At Bookforum, Albert Mobilio Conjures John Wieners via Supplication and Stars Seen in Person January 4, 2016: In “Divine Lines,” Bookforum Editor Albert Mobilio draws readers’s attention to two fresh volumes that cast new light on John Wieners’s poetry. More: At a time when the notion [...] by

Ray Johnson’s in the Spotlight at Bookforum August 8, 2014: Bookforum editor Albert Mobilio takes a sneak peek at two Ray Johnson books recently published by Siglio Press: The Paper Snake and Not Nothing. Ray Johnson, an intermedia artist who trained at Black [...] by

Hyperallergic’s 2013 Poetry Snapshot December 30, 2013: Wow! What a collection of reviews! Via Hyperallergic, check out these treats (read: poetry recommendations) from John Yau, Barry Schwabsky, Albert Mobilio, and Michael Leong! We’ll excerpt from [...] by

It’s the Last List, We Promise—But John Yau and Albert Mobilio Have Really Great Taste January 8, 2013: Perhaps you’ve had your fill of year-end best-of lists, but this one from Hyperallergic brains John Yau and Albert Mobilio is too good to let slip through the 2012 back door. Featuring poetry [...] by