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Quasi-unintelligibilty (Part 3) April 19, 2013: After having wandered somewhat far from the discussion of quasi-unintelligibility in my last post I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the topic before moving forward. I had set out last week [...] by

Quasi-unintelligibility (Part 1) April 10, 2013: Seven years ago this month Helen Vendler published one of my favorite of her books, Poets Thinking. In particular I love its chapter on Alexander Pope, which starts off by recounting the frustration [...] by

Caution: Ribaldry ahead November 29, 2010: Included in Dr. Gillian Wright’s November 22nd Literary Manuscripts Masterclass at the Bodleian Library was a poetry manuscript attributed to Octavia Walsh (1677-1706). Notes in the catalog [...] by