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Poetry in Principle April 20, 2017: Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like in the good old days, but any such assertion nowadays always seems to splinter into its ambiguities, [...] by

A Valentine’s Day Medley of Literary Couples February 14, 2017: Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. To celebrate, we’d like to direct your attention to Literary Hub, where Emily Temple has compiled a list of the most (and least) beautiful, erudite, [...] by

The Sixth Borough, Culturally: New Jersey December 9, 2016: The UC Press blog series “The ‘Six’ Boroughs,” celebrating Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro’s Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, concludes with a look at [...] by

Allen Ginsberg Project Answers Questions on Bunting’s Lectures August 16, 2016: Don’t know much about Basil Bunting? On the Allen Ginsberg Project blog, read a discussion between a student and Professor Ginsberg, or listen to an audio file of this conversation here (with [...] by

Penguin Modern Poets Strikes Back! June 14, 2016: Guardian reports that the Penguin Modern Poets Series, the UK’s publisher of such luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Stevie Smith, is relaunching in order to highlight a new [...] by

Bagley Wright Lecture Series News: Hoa Nguyen and Cedar Sigo June 14, 2016: On its website, The Bagley Wright Lecture Series has posted a great interview with Hoa Nguyen which took place just after her lecture on the practice of teaching creative writing on April 21st at [...] by

Forward Recounts That Time When Bernie Sanders Walked Out of an Allen Ginsberg Reading February 18, 2016: Don’t worry! Sanders’s abrupt exit was most likely due to foul language. Allan M. Jalon reports at Forward: When did Allen Ginsberg and Bernie Sanders first meet? What were the [...] by

Polaroid Photographer Elsa Dorfman, Friend of the Poets, Retires at 78 January 6, 2016: The New York Times profiles the much-loved Polaroid-portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman, who is retiring from her craft at the age of 78. “The main reason is that the film and chemicals she [...] by

Connecticut Teacher Forced to Resign After Teaching Allen Ginsberg June 1, 2015: Seriously? Seriously. South Windsor Connecticut School District recently forced longtime, award-winning teacher, David Olio, to resign after discussing Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Please [...] by

HOWL to benefit The David Lynch Transcendental Meditation Foundation March 20, 2015: If you live in Los Angeles, we hope that you’ll howl. Yes yes you heard that right. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s poem, “Howl,” rockers Courtney Love, [...] by