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Introducing Abra: A Living Text February 15, 2016: At VICE’s Creators Project: the story behind Kate Durbin, Amaranth Borsuk, and Ian Hatcher’s interactive poetry app, Abra, which describes itself as a “living text.” [...] by

&Now Day One (my only day) April 14, 2015: [I’m writing about Day 1 of the &Now conference (my only day) on Delta Flight 1151 SF to Minneapolis on the way to AWP, so let’s not get our writers conference wires crossed here.] I wake up [...] by

Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch in Video Form February 25, 2015: Not sure if you’ve seen POETRYSEEN yet, but if you like visual recordings of poets, you’re M-F-E-O, for POETRYSEEN features short videos of poetry readings and poem films, and is open to [...] by

Walking & Talking With Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch November 25, 2014: Despite what’s most visible, Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch do much more than look adorable for BOMB Daily: They walk “along the Poudre River [in Colorado] amid scattered showers,” [...] by

Wrapping Up: Year-End Lists to Start Your 2014 Off Right at Volta December 4, 2013: Here come the first of one of our favorite genres: the year-end wrap up. The Volta presents “Best of 2013” lists from John Keene, Noah Eli Gordon, Amaranth Borsuk, Kazim Ali, Bhanu Kapil [...] by

Evening Will Come: Women Looking at The Last Vispo Anthology August 5, 2013: Over at The Volta, “Evening Will Come” collects responses from women poets–including Jessica Smith, Amaranth Borsuk, and Sharon Mesmer–on visual poetry. Curated by Nico [...] by

Amaranth Borsuk’s Handiwork and Other Things Microreviewed October 18, 2012: Boston Review published another round of Microreviews yesterday, with contributions focusing on new books from Kathleen Ossip, Dean Young, Christopher DeWeese, Amaranth Borsuk, and Boni Joi. [...] by