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American Small Presses Thriving, Says the Atlantic July 20, 2016: The Atlantic covers the need for smaller publishing houses, looking at Graywolf, Coffee House, Dorothy, Two Dollar Radio, and Tin House. [W]hen editors and publishers feel they need to fight for [...] by

Amina Cain Interviews Skylight Books May 22, 2014: Amina Cain talked with Skylight Books in Los Angeles for BOMB and we missed it? We are slow or stupid. But Skylight is one of our favorite U.S. bookstores. Cain interviews Steve Salardino and Jenn [...] by

Amina Cain & Renee Gladman Talk in Slow Arresting Images at BOMB November 25, 2013: BOMB has Renee Gladman and Amina Cain in discussion over “not only … their new books, but about language as a stage, the dreams books have, landscape painting, and stories as cluttered [...] by

Funny Boy Sings Heavy Metal for Joyelle McSweeney +++ at HTMLGIANT July 19, 2013: Video killed the review star or like, something, the bodybuilding routine of Melvin Antony (said Acker: “…the part of the ‘I’ that bodybuilds…was rejecting [...] by

Amina Cain & Veronica Gonzalez-Peña Are in Deep Water at Her Kind July 12, 2013: Amina Cain and Veronica Gonzalez-Peña converse over at Her Kind. Let us wade in: VGP: …But Amina, I want to talk to you about the floating sensibility of your characters who are so often there [...] by

Parrots Descend on HTMLGiant December 17, 2012: Grant Maierhofer reviews a bunch of Parrot series chapbooks, published by Insert Blanc Press, over at HTMLGiant. Maierhofer begins by probing into the shadowy origins of Insert Blanc, writing: The [...] by