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The New York Public Library’s Favorite Recent Indie Press Approaches a Constant Frailty February 1, 2016: In “The Best Indie Press of the Past Week,” The New York Public Library’s Ian Baran points out books of poetry that “approach the frailty that is a constant throughout our [...] by

Tender Theory January 28, 2016: Los Angeles had been a place for an emergence of thinking about the relationship of illness to capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy, so it was a good thing that I was there. Johanna Hedva had [...] by

Necessary Reading: Amy Berkowitz & Cassandra Troyan on the Curative Power of Talk September 25, 2015: At The New Inquiry, Cassandra Troyan talks to Amy Berkowitz about her new book, Tender Points (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015); the gendered body as a site of struggle; pain–specifically the [...] by

Geraldine Kim & Amy Berkowitz on Very Tender Points June 3, 2015: Geraldine Kim interviews Bay Area poet Amy Berkowitz about her forthcoming book Tender Points (Timeless Infinite Light). They discuss, in striking honesty, the issues that inform Berkowitz’s [...] by

Amy Berkowitz Has a Promising Idea for a Series of Paintings December 5, 2014: In a new post for VIDA’s Reports from the Field, poet and publisher Amy Berkowitz’s “Paintings I Won’t Paint” addresses some oft-topical subjects, to her own chagrin: rape [...] by

cento for love April 3, 2014: written for a performance with Dohee Lee and Simon Pettet on March 28, 2014 Poetry is not for the passive. It is, as Mayakovsky knew, at its very heart tendentious. Even the love poem agitates the [...] by