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At BOMBLOG: Talking With Andy Mister About Liner Notes December 19, 2013: Patrick Gaughan interviews Andy Mister about his new book, Liner Notes (Station Hill Press of Barrytown 2013), for BOMBLOG. This one’s for you music lovers: “Andy taps into the inevitable [...] by

This Essay About Erik Satie & My Dinner With Andre Is Really About Money November 14, 2013: But what isn’t? Gold? All right. Andy Mister wrote about Erik Satie, My Dinner with Andre, Dead C, and Han-Joachim Roedelius for Coldfront’s Poets Off Poetry series: At the beginning of [...] by

Andy Mister’s Liner Notes as Exemplary of ‘Metamodernism’ July 23, 2013: Seth Abramson’s newest poetry column is up at Huffington Post: This month, Abramson turns from his usual group review to focus on only one collection, using it as “a springboard for [...] by