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Dante’s Inferno in MS Paint January 19, 2011: For when even CliffsNotes is too strenuous a challenge, Brandon Matheson has created an abbreviated, animated version of Dante’s Inferno. In just under four minutes, you can visit every circle [...] by

Video and poetry meet in Italian festival January 14, 2011: Trevigliopoesia’s La Parola Immaginata is “a festival dedicated to poetical words and video images with the aim to reach a mix of art expressions through new strategies, conceptions and [...] by

Closed captioning provided by used books December 8, 2010: The Wave Pictures – Sweetheart from Ben Reed on Vimeo. This music video for The Wave Picture’s “Sweetheart” is made out of animated, torn up, drawn on and maybe even a few [...] by

The Animated “Ursonate” November 15, 2010: On Harriet back in 2007, Kenneth Goldsmith called Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” “the greatest sound poem of the 20th century” and posted nine audio versions by sound [...] by