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A Report From the Most Unofficial AWP Off-Sight February 13, 2017: For Ohio Edit, Anna Vitale’s “The Top 4 Wants As I Heard Them at Simone White’s Unofficial AWP Off-Sight” thematizes the readings and presentations given last Wednesday by Montana [...] by

Summer Edition of Poetic Labor Project Features Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Josef Kaplan, and Catherine Wagner July 23, 2012: The newest installment of The Poetic Labor Project is up, featuring a “new set of texts considering poetry, politics, and labor” by Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Catherine Wagner, and [...] by

Anna Vitale Is a Dreamy Reciter for One Pause Poetry March 30, 2012: Just added to the very cool site One Pause Poetry: mp3s of “Dreams” (based on the song by Fleetwood Mac!) by the amazing Anna Vitale, “A Poem for the Insane,” by John Wieners, [...] by