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So Much Depends: On the Particular, the Personal, & the Political April 3, 2017: 1 Last November, on election day, on a flight from New York to Chicago, I reread William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All.  I planned to assign it for a graduate poetics seminar I was teaching in [...] by

By Several Hands: On Currently & Emotion & Nicholas Moore December 12, 2016: At the beginning of November, I read some poems alongside Tara Bergin and (appearing via recorded video) Don Mee Choi and Sawako Nakayasu at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, to celebrate the [...] by

The Third Place, Between Naming & Chaos December 7, 2016: Mary Ruefle’s writing–particularly that in her new book, My Private Property, a collection of short essays and prose poems–is looked at alongside Anne Carson’s Float, a [...] by

Anne Carson Is Perfectly at Home Underwater October 31, 2016: In the Guardian’s “Meet the Author” section, Kate Kellaway interviews poet, essayist, and classicist Anne Carson. Although she initially preferred drawing, she has become a revered [...] by

On ‘Making a Thing Out of Language’: Anne Carson Visits NPR October 25, 2016: Float is the title of Anne Carson’s newest poetry collection: so-called because it is a group of chapbooks that “float” inside a clear plastic box. On Weekend Edition Saturday Anne [...] by

Literary Hub Casts Its Vote for Books by Anne Carson, Mary Ruefle October 5, 2016: If you’re still pulling together a bedside reading stack for the month of October, look no further than this hip and of-the-minute compendium by Literary Hub featuring 18 books that beg a [...] by

Reading Anne Carson’s Reissued Short Talks July 28, 2016: Iris Dunkle reviews the recently reissued Short Talks by Anne Carson, a “call back to the reader.” “The book is made up of a series of lyric prose poems written in a voice that is [...] by

Nicholas Lezard Reviews Penguin Modern Poets No. 1 July 26, 2016: At the Guardian, Nicholas Lezard reviews iteration numero uno of the re-vamped Penguin Modern Poets Series: a collection featuring work by Anne Carson, Emily Berry, and Sophie Collins. Getting people [...] by

Publishers Weekly Announces Fall 2016 Poetry Titles June 23, 2016: Publishers Weekly announces our autumn reading list, with plenty of poetry titles to look forward to. Among them are new books from Anne Carson, Lisa Robertson, Monica Youn, Peter Gizzi, Safiyah [...] by

We’ve Only Just Begun: Anne Carson’s Short Stories January 8, 2016: Bookforum reminds us that Anne Carson has turned to writing short stories, having recently published one in Harper’s (“We’ve Only Just Begun”) and another, this week, in the [...] by