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Anthony Madrid’s ‘Five Complaints’ June 5, 2017: At the Paris Review, poet Anthony Madrid shares with readers five of his complaints about poetry. Some, you might have never considered before—for example, T.S. Eliot’s 1948 address to the [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s Limericks Shine at Paris Review Daily May 18, 2017: Paris Review Daily Correspondent, Anthony Madrid contributes a few good limericks to the web publication this week. Madrid wrote more than 300 limericks in 2013 until he was “made to [...] by

Jonathan Swift Was Indeed an Activist December 2, 2016: Anthony Madrid, otherwise known as our favorite Paris Review correspondent, has penned a piece about Jonathan Swift, who would have been 349 years old this week. “What was he anyway? Or never [...] by

Anthony Madrid Wonders ‘What Is Poetry For?’ September 30, 2016: Paris Review Daily has now published two of Anthony Madrid’s quasi-kōan sets, “Both speech and silence are involved in transcendent detachment and subtle wisdom. How can we pass through [...] by

At Paris Review: Anthony Madrid on Reviving Meter September 14, 2016: Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! In the Paris Review’s daily installment, Anthony Madrid coaxes readers toward the satisfying and most beneficial effects of the otherwise [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s Infectious Charm for a Charles D’Orléans Chanson Via Pound September 1, 2016: Lucky us: Anthony Madrid is sharing the wealth over at Paris Review Daily. This week, he hunts the sound stack in the rondels of medieval poet Charles D’Orléans. Hmm? Yes, look closely at page 254 [...] by

Anthony Madrid on Sexy Poetry at Paris Review August 17, 2016: Whew! Is it the heatwave or is it the Earl of Rochester that’s got us sweating? At Paris Review, poet and now-Texan Anthony Madrid shares his thoughts on canonical poetry that contains mature [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s Eclectic Golden Treasury March 31, 2016: If you haven’t been keeping up with Anthony Madrid’s guest commentaries at Jacket2 (wherein he posts “more or less exotic items” every Monday and Thursday, and has been since [...] by

Reading List: July/August 2015 July 15, 2015: The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the July/August 2015 issue share some books that held their interest. derek beaulieu I’ve recently [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s ‘It Is with Words as It Is with People’ on PoetryNow June 11, 2015: Anthony Madrid contemplates the Beautiful in his new poem “It Is with Words as It Is with People” today on PoetryNow. The poem begins: It is with words as it is with people: Actual beauty [...] by