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Poetry Banksy April 24, 2014: The world is abuzz with rumors of a Poetry Banksy, an anonymous art idiot who runs around cities blowing up the status quo with his ideas. He defaces. He mutilates. He subverts. He smears ink on [...] by

drawing from / drawing form: composition as exploration April 16, 2014: with Rachel Bers “That is, a line is not an arrow, it’s its events”  – Alice Notley ETG: About a year ago, Rachel Bers and I began working together in her studio with the idea that we would [...] by

Recombinatory Enumerations April 2, 2014: I was delighted, if a bit apprehensive, when invited to blog for Harriet during Poetry Month this April. I don’t really think of myself as a blogger. In fact, not at all. I’m a fairly slow [...] by

The Text Festival (Part 2) April 27, 2011: The Text Festival begins on Apr 29 at the Bury Art Gallery, just outside of Manchester. The festival features artworks produced by poets, in an effort to showcase a potential encounter between the [...] by

The Text Festival (Part 1) April 19, 2011: Tony Trehy (the author of 50 Heads) is curating the Text Festival, an exhibition that opens at the Bury Art Gallery in Manchester (UK) on April 29, during the weekend of the Royal Wedding. by

The Untimeliness of the Xenotext April 10, 2011: Rachel Zucker asks us to consider whether or not we might prefer our poems to be either timeless or timelier. Historically, avant-garde poets have often called into question any reliable standard of [...] by

The future of poetry: Rapid 3D prototyping! February 14, 2011: We’ve seen video poetry all across YouTube, JavaScript navigations of Herman Melville and Emily Dickinson, and even a few Prezi poems, so what does the next advancement in technology mean for [...] by

Art Basel through a poet’s eyes February 9, 2011: Paper Monument sent poet Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton to Art Basel Miami Beach to take in the sun, sand, art and Lamborghinis. They put together a slideshow documenting the works they saw, the [...] by

Walking the political line in poetry and art at MoMA February 2, 2011: In conjunction with the exhibition On Line: Drawing through the 21st Century, MoMA will present a poetry reading tomorrow on the theme of one of the show’s key threads: the line of politics. [...] by

Mona Lisa must have had the Arezzo bridge blues January 6, 2011: If you’ve ever wondered what the Mona Lisa is smiling about, Queen’s University professor Ross Kilpatrick might have an answer. Hiding in the landscape behind her is the bridge from [...] by