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Barry Schwabsky Looks at Robert Walser June 13, 2017: Don’t let the title deceive you! Although one of the newer collections of Robert Walser’s writings is called Looking at Pictures, it’s really more about “how to not to write [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Casts a Keen Eye on Marjorie Welish’s So What So That March 8, 2017: In his Diary, Barry Schwabsky guides Hyperallergic readers into new work by American poet Marjorie Welish. Taking a queue from the American jazz artist Thelonious Monk, Welish’s new collection [...] by

Cunt Norton Devoured at Hyperallergic January 31, 2017: Barry Schwabsky discovers Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton (Les Figues Press, 2013) at Hyperallergic’s Weekend Reads. Bellamy, the subject of a 2013 Harriet interview with Sara Wintz, wrote [...] by

Barry Schwabsky’s Reader’s Diary: Pierre Reverdy & ‘The Song of the Dead’ November 22, 2016: Although Pierre Reverdy is “the favorite French poet among American poets,” as Barry Schwabsky attests, Reverdy’s writing has emerged in English somewhat piecemeal. (Save for the [...] by

Walter Benjamin, Sonneteer November 14, 2016: At Hyperallergic, Barry Schwabsky has been thumbing through Walter Benjamin’s Sonnets and committing his reflections to his “Reader’s Diary.” Translated by Carl Skoggard, and [...] by

Barry Schwabsky on Barrett Watten’s Questions of Poetics November 8, 2016: In this weekend’s latest installment of Barry Schwabsky’s Hyperallergic “Reader’s Diary,” he reads through Barrett Watten’s recent contribution to the study of [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Reviews Poems of Donald Britton at Hyperallergic July 1, 2016: Just in case you were wondering what to read at the beach this weekend, Hyperallergic brings this review by Barry Schwabsky of In the Empire of the Air: The Poems of Donald Britton. More: In what is [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Reads John Wieners’s Supplication at Hyperallergic June 13, 2016: In this weekend’s “Reader’s Diary,” Barry Schwabsky reads a new selection of John Wieners’ poetry edited by Robert Dewhurst, Joshua Beckman, and CAConrad published by [...] by

Barry Schwabsky on ‘A Critic’s Job of Work’ at The Nation March 15, 2016: Poet and art critic Barry Schwabsky contributes to The Nation “A Critic’s Job of Work,” a stellar essay about an art critic’s labors, adapted from the introduction to his [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Reviews Four New Books of Poetry by Poets He’d Never Previously Known . . . March 9, 2015: Barry Schwabsky writes some short reviews of poetry books for Hyperallergic, acknowledging that the common thread is his previous unfamiliarity with the authors: “I’ve decided now to write [...] by