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Ben Lerner’s ‘BAM Takeover’ May 4, 2017: As part of Brooklyn Academy of Music’s “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” series, poet and novelist Ben Lerner joined the New Yorker’s fiction editor Deborah Treisman on Tuesday [...] by

#PoemResearch: Notes on Researching as a Poet February 14, 2017: Late in Leaving the Atocha Station, Ben Lerner’s novel about a young American poet on a prestigious fellowship in Madrid, we receive this capsule description of the research project our narrator [...] by

‘Poets Are Diamond Polishers’: Lerner & Kluge in Conversation at Paris Review February 3, 2017: Paris Review’s digital edition features a lively conversation between Ben Lerner and Alexander Kluge about the lyric, prose, and we’re sorry, what?, did someone say green tea crème [...] by

A Baker’s Dozen of Prose from Poetry December 29, 2016: As the door closes on 2016, we find ourselves revisiting the many prose pieces we published this past year. Maybe you missed a one of these the first time around, or maybe you want to return to a [...] by

Mark Halliday Questions The Hatred of Poetry for Pleiades October 31, 2016: Pleiades: Literature in Context shares a sneak preview of its new issue with a “peeved” review of Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry, by Mark Halliday. And he carries Ashbery along [...] by

Marie Ponsot’s Love of Poetry August 30, 2016: At the LA Times, Craig Morgan Teicher contrasts Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry with Marie Ponsot’s joy for it as read in her Collected Poems (Knopf, this month), a book Teicher calls [...] by

Zach Savich on Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry August 5, 2016: At Full Stop, a much-talked-about review by Zach Savich breaks down Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry. “Despite the currency of ire in online commentary, let alone in bars after poetry [...] by

Smithsonian’s Senior Historian Asks ‘Should We Hate Poetry?’ July 21, 2016: The conversation surrounding Ben Lerner’s new book Hatred of Poetry has reached the Smithsonian—Smithsonian Magazine, that is. The institution’s Senior Historian, David C. Ward, remarks [...] by

The New York Times Weighs in on The Hatred of Poetry July 8, 2016: “What works against him is the curiously airless, antiseptic nature of the enterprise,” writes Jeff Gordinier for The New York Times about Ben Lerner in The Hatred of Poetry. [...] by

Natalia Cecire on Poetry and (Gendered) Work June 24, 2016: Worth checking out at Jacket2 is Natalia Cecire’s newest commentary, “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” Cecire, a lecturer in English and American Studies at the [...] by