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All Brecht Considered: American Theatre Reads Through Four New Brecht Books January 26, 2016: In a recent article, “Brecht from All Angles,” American Theatre investigates four new books that delve into Brecht’s poetry, prose, and plays. Bertolt Brecht wore many hats: [...] by

There Exist These Opulent Gardens January 25, 2016: What does it mean to have senses at the end of the world, and what does it mean to have them in common? I was wanting to weep on Wilshire Boulevard, wanting to weep for Soul Cycles and fraying palms [...] by

All About Brecht January 6, 2015: He seems all right… but was he really a psychopath? In its review of a new Brecht biography, The Partnership, Jacket Copy takes the case: The German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht [...] by

Nonsite: Devoted to Bertolt Brecht September 26, 2013: Don’t know if you’ve lately been to Emory University’s terrific nonsite.org, but their tenth issue is devoted to Bertolt Brecht! As writer Jennifer Ashton puts it in her piece for [...] by

“What Must Be Said” April 10, 2012: True or false: 1. Major daily newspapers no longer publish poetry. 2. Poems are not about anything. 3. Nobel laureates in literature politely remove themselves from the public forum immediately after [...] by