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David Lau on Bertolt Brecht’s War Primer June 9, 2017: At the Verso Books blog, David Lau writes about Bertolt Brecht’s War Primer, which the publisher recently released into the wilds of bookstore shelves. “When War Primer (Kriegsfibel) [...] by

‘An Artifact Rich & Strange’: Bertolt Brecht’s War Primer June 7, 2017: It’s an “acid take on the so-called ‘Good War,'” Roy Scranton writes of Bertolt Brecht’s War Primer, a diary that fuses photographs Brecht collected between 1939 and [...] by

No April 13, 2017: History is full of people who just didn’t.  They said no thank you, turned away, ran away to the desert, stood on the streets in rags, lived in barrels, burned down their own houses, walked [...] by

All Brecht Considered: American Theatre Reads Through Four New Brecht Books January 26, 2016: In a recent article, “Brecht from All Angles,” American Theatre investigates four new books that delve into Brecht’s poetry, prose, and plays. Bertolt Brecht wore many hats: [...] by

There Exist These Opulent Gardens January 25, 2016: What does it mean to have senses at the end of the world, and what does it mean to have them in common? I was wanting to weep on Wilshire Boulevard, wanting to weep for Soul Cycles and fraying palms [...] by

All About Brecht January 6, 2015: He seems all right… but was he really a psychopath? In its review of a new Brecht biography, The Partnership, Jacket Copy takes the case: The German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht [...] by

Nonsite: Devoted to Bertolt Brecht September 26, 2013: Don’t know if you’ve lately been to Emory University’s terrific nonsite.org, but their tenth issue is devoted to Bertolt Brecht! As writer Jennifer Ashton puts it in her piece for [...] by

“What Must Be Said” April 10, 2012: True or false: 1. Major daily newspapers no longer publish poetry. 2. Poems are not about anything. 3. Nobel laureates in literature politely remove themselves from the public forum immediately after [...] by